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A Message From Secretary of State, Michele Reagan

    Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan   I would have thought the house on the corner of my street would have sold overnight. Yet the,“I’M GOURGEOUS INSIDE” rider has been up for weeks. Every couple of days I’ll see a car or two out front with potential buyers checking out the house with… Read more

Publisher’s Letter

Publisher's Letter

    Tricia Covert Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business    The atmosphere in the local area in August always seems to shift. Retail shopping is a  bit more crowded and the street traffic is heavier than the previous couple of months. It’s evident many people are coming back from summer vacationing and… Read more

How To Transfer Title With The Beneficiary Deed

Laying Down the Law

    By Christopher J. Charles, Esq. and Bryan Eastin The intersection of real estate law and estate planning can often produce some interesting results. The decision in the Estate of Ganoni, 238 Ariz. 144, 357 P.3d 828 (App. 2015) is illustrative. Most real estate professionals are familiar with beneficiary deeds. This form of deed… Read more

Market Summary

  Michael Orr Founder and Owner, The Cromford Report     We see a housing market in Greater Phoenix that is continuing to strengthen almost across the board. Many of the trends that were visible in 2015 and 2016 have continued into 2017 with little change except they have become more apparent. At the affordable… Read more

Arizona Multifamily Market Trends and Investments

                                   By John Kobierowski and Thomas Brophy, ABI Multifamily Despite stocks hitting all-time highs, markets across the globe have been prone to ever increasing volatility fits. As a result, middle age-to-older market investors have been switching to a combination… Read more

Publisher’s Letter

Publisher's Letter

Tricia Covert Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business    I’m always amazed how quickly our mid-year issue approaches. This is the time when I ask many writers and columnists to analyze the first half of the year to help our readers plan ahead. As you will find in this issue, 2017 is progressing… Read more

Stocks: A Mid-Year Review

Paul Ohanian Founder and CEO, Scottsdale Wealth Planning, Inc.   As 2Q 2017 draws to a close and with it a half year of attention-grabbing headlines of stock market highs – what’s next? At this point in the year, I have observed the highlights of 2017 without succumbing to the temptation of trying to predict… Read more

Words From Mark Mitchell, Mayor of Tempe

Mayor of Tempe, Mark Mitchell   Tempe is often described as a vibrant and progressive college town that is always on the move. While Tempe and our hometown university, Arizona State, have an innovative partnership, we have become much more than a college town. Top employers of all sizes continue to choose Tempe. Our investments… Read more

Greater Phoenix Economic Update

Chris Camacho President and CEO, Greater Phoenix Economic Council   Growth is nothing new to the Greater Phoenix market. For decades, the region has led the nation in population growth. Recent data from the Census moved Phoenix up as the 5th largest city in the nation, displacing Philadelphia, much to their dismay. However, since the… Read more

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