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An Effective Negotiator

General Real Estate, Publisher's Letter

Tricia Covert Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business     The word contract gives most people thoughts about a long, grueling process that requires tedious review and attention to detail. However, there is another side to contracts that involves a much different skill set: negotiations. Typically, some form of negotiation takes place before… Read more

Words from Mayor of Chandler


Jay Tibshraeny Mayor of Chandler     Chandler’s business and development community continues to be a dynamic force with no signs of slowing down. In 2016, we experienced a solid year of employment diversification, company expansions, locates and business friendly programs that will continue into the new year. Rogers Corporation, one of Chandler’s longest-running businesses,… Read more

The 2017 Investment Climate

Industry News, Lending

Paul Ohanian Founder and CEO, Scottsdale Wealth Planning, Inc.   As a financial planner, I generally avoid predictions about what the future, and specifically the next year, may hold for investment portfolios. All too often, these outlooks are accompanied by recommended short-term, reactionary investment strategies that do not align with a long-term, value-based philosophy –… Read more

A Relaxed Arizona Mortgage Market

Lending, Market Update

Rocke Andrews President, National Association of Mortgage Professionals   The year 2017 brings many changes to the Arizona mortgage industry. As the economy and real estate market recover and thrive, the mortgage industry is relaxing and advancing. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are helping with this by making more modifications to the mortgage process to improve… Read more

Market Summary

Market Update

Michael Orr Journal Columnist Founder and Owner, Cromford® Report   Please see the provided charts featuring the following information: The ranking of cities by average price per square foot. Areas that had the largest and smallest growth in home sales between 2015 and 2016. The average growth was just over 9 percent.   Michael Orr… Read more

Specific Performance

Laying Down the Law

Christopher J. Charles, Esq. Founder and Managing Partner, Provident Law   Attorney Christopher Charles recently achieved a noteworthy victory for his real estate client in a purchase contract dispute where the buyer sought specific performance of the contract. The threat of specific performance is often an effective tool for buyers when a seller gets cold… Read more

If They Use It You May Lose It

Law Briefs

David L. Allen Partner, Jaburg & Wilk   As a general rule, if somebody owns something, whether it is as small as a cell phone or as big as ten-acre parcel of land, no one else may use it without the owner’s consent. There is, however, a notable exception to such rule found in the… Read more

Commercial Real Estate Champions

Commercial Corner

Joyce C. Grossman, AZED Pro Executive Director, Arizona Association for Economic Development With Sara Wheatcroft Sr. Marketing & Proposal Specialist, Logan Simpson   Demand for commercial and office space spiked valley wide, with office absorption surpassing 3 million square feet, the highest demand since 2005. A majority of that absorption continued to be in the… Read more

The Insider’s Scoop On the New AAR Purchase Contract

General Real Estate, Industry News

P.R. ‘Randy’ Cooney President, The Success Institute Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business   Those who have been in real estate in Arizona for many years may recall a residential purchase contract that was one page. It included the property address, names of buyers/sellers, price, earnest money, down payment, loan amount and a… Read more

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