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How To Get Auctioneer Training In Arizona

Prepare To Be An Auctioneer

Have you ever thought of being an auctioneer? Studies show that over 57 percent of all Americans have attended one or more live auctions. More consumers understand the power of an auction process more now than ever before.

A career in auctioneering can be a very interesting and rewarding occupation. The variety of real and personal property that an auctioneer encounters is alone more interesting than what many jobs offer.  Yet, the true fascinating part of an auctioneer’s job is the people.  By assisting people with what they often can’t do themselves, or given their other responsibilities of moving, handling an estate or dealing with other changes, the auctioneer can acquire great satisfaction.



Home Auctions: An Answer To Selling A Listing

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Written by Mike Brandly
President Brandly & Associates, Inc.
Instructor, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business

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