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Mortgage Broker Licensing
Come find out why we train more Arizona real estate professionals
Mortgage Lending Education Provider

Thinking of a career as a Mortgage Broker?

Prepare to pass the Mortgage Broker Licensing exam with the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business.  We have been providing excellence in education since 1969. 

Our proven class format involves classroom lectures taught by industry leaders, exam preparation and a school final exam.  You will find our courses to be professional in their approach and challenging in their content.

  • Our 24-Hour program is approved by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions.  
  • Our instructors are qualified industry professionals.
  • The content taught is aligned with the state exam. 
  • There are review and sample test questions to help prepare you for the state exam.
  • We keep our class content current with updated rules and regulations in our ever-changing environment.
  • School exam is given on the last day of instruction.

Topics covered in the Mortgage Broker curriculum include:
Mortgage Lending Principles and Practices
The Business of Real Estate
The Mortgage Lending Process
Federal Lending Legislation
Real Estate Financing Instruments
Conventional Financing
Government Sponsored Programs
Non-Traditional Mortgage Products
Legal Concepts in Real Estate
Interests in Real Property
The Value of Real Estate

Important Information: A financial calculator will be used for math calculations, such as the HP10B, the HP12C and Qualifier Plus IIIx. We offer classes on the HP12C (Place link here) and
Qualifier Plus IIIx (Place link here). You may purchase these calculators at the school or on our website through the book store.

When choosing a professional development school, we suggest you consider several factors including number of years in service, depth of staff, building and classroom facilities. We believe our school ranks among the top in the country and we look forward to serving you. Minimum class sizes are required in order to run classes.