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  • Real Estate

    Our goal is to ensure you get a quality education and pass the state exam the first time. We offer exam prep courses to get you the extra help you need using an detailed review in a “study group” style format. Also, choose from math help courses and useful study aids.

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  • Mortgage Exam Prep

    State and national exam prep courses are available to students that need extra help after taking the exams in the classroom. Overall review and specific questions can be addressed in these courses to give you a sense of confidence and a better understanding of the material.

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  • Appraisal

    Prepare for your appraiser license exam with the Appraisal Review Crammer Course exam preparation software.

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Be prepared to launch a new career in 2017. Attend this event and get valuable information from a panel of experts in real estate, mortgage, home inspection, appraisal and construction. Find out what it takes to be in each field, income expectations and more. A new year can bring new opportunities.

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Start 2017 with a new career in a real estate market that's on the rise. Complete your required license education in 9 consecutive business days with our 9 Day Crash. Programs start in Scottsdale on Jan. 16 and in the NW Valley on Jan. 23. Get into an industry you'll love this month.

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Why Choose ASREB

When you attend our school, you earn so much more than just a license. You become a knowledgeable professional with an experienced career partner that is focused on your future. We provide a unique educational experience in Arizona.

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