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What Really Matters?


P.R. ‘Randy’ Cooney President, Success Institute Educator, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business     Given the tragic loss of multiple lives in recent months, America again finds itself asking; “Who and What MATTERS? What MATTERS within America, is that we work together in mutual respect and care for one another in a manner… Read more

Flipping Homes: Facelift to Teardown

General Real Estate, Special Interest

Isaac Kahn Co-Founder, Palmyra Development Co.   Any experienced fix and flip investor will agree that selecting the proper criteria for the flips you’re looking to perform is a crucial first step. The three most important components in forming your criteria should be location, price range and the amount of work needed in order to properly… Read more

Fix & Flip for the Real Estate Professional

Special Interest

Alan Langston Executive Director, Arizona Real Estate Investors Association     Nobody knows an exact count, but there is a rather large number of Realtors® who also invest in real estate. If you aren’t one of them, this is the perfect month to explore the possibilities. Also, if a Realtor® represents investors or plan to in… Read more

Market Summary

Market Update

Michael Orr Journal Columnist Founder and Owner, Cromford® Report   The market conditions in early June remain similar to April and May, with different price ranges in dramatically different situations. Sales volume is strong, well above 2015, but supply is the main factor that determines how the various market sectors are doing. Overall supply has… Read more

City Improvement Programs

Market Update, Publisher's Letter

Tricia Covert Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business   The status of the home market continues to be at the forefront of conversations for people both inside and outside of the real estate industry. With rising home prices, increased sales and even fix-n-flip transactions, various City Councils are also taking part in the conversation… Read more

Technology: Niche Websites

General Real Estate, Technology/ Social Media

Russ Scheetz Founder and Owner, Open House Hunters Educator, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business   Over recent years, the real estate industry has discovered firsthand that technology is changing the way to conduct business – and it’s just the beginning of advancements ahead. Keeping up with technology is now a key factor of… Read more

Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Report


Joel Kan Associate Vice President, Industry Surveys and Forecasting Mortgage Bankers Association   The Arizona residential market continues to grow year over year, albeit at a slower pace and in a different fashion than the country as a whole. Between April 2016 and April 2015, applications for a mortgage to purchase a home increased 6.9 percent,… Read more

Minding The Income Gap

General Real Estate, Special Interest

Paul Ohanian Founder and CEO, Scottsdale Wealth Planning, Inc.   There was a time when you could walk into your local bank and buy a 9 percent Certificate of Deposit (CD) as a common investment option. Today, that income staple is extinct. What was once a fairly cyclical pattern: interest rates go up and interest rates… Read more

A Message from David Schweikert Arizona Congressman


David Schweikert Arizona Congressman   Government overspending is creating a huge burden of debt that threatens the economic well-being of our children. Our national debt of more than $17 trillion has saddled us with liabilities equal to $53,000 for every adult and child in America. Federal agencies continue to ask for more, while wasting money… Read more

Investing In Opportunity Act (IIOA)

General Real Estate, Industry News

Chis Camacho CEO, Greater Phoenix Economic Council   What does it mean to invest in Arizona? As the region’s leading economic development organization, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council works to attract businesses to the Greater Phoenix region to add high quality jobs and create economic opportunity. We work with businesses from around the country –… Read more

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