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Subcontractor Mechanics Liens Don’t Apply To Owner-Occupied Residences

Laying Down the Law

By Christopher J. Charles, Esq.   The Valley’s real estate market has officially rebounded and construction is booming again. Because most contractors don’t get paid until the job is complete, Arizona law affords contractors specific rights and remedies to ensure that they get paid.  But as the Arizona Court of Appeals recently held, contractors’ rights… Read more

Phoenix Metro Apartments

Market Update

By Pete Te Kampe In 2014, industry professionals in the Phoenix metro apartment market felt as though their space was experiencing auspicious conditions.  This was due to rising rents, escalating property values, plummeting vacancies, booming construction, increasing lending, intensifying investor demand and waning concessions. Recently, the most frequently overheard concern expressed by industry professionals is… Read more

What’s in a Title?

Legal Forum

By David Allen   While it’s true that you most often cannot tell much about a book by its title, the same does not hold true when it comes to real estate – a title when applied to real estate, does tell you a lot.  The question faced by a person acquiring real estate in… Read more

Insights from ESPN’s Mike Golic


Mike Golic is featured on ESPN’s Mike & Mike Show America’s #1 Sports Show for T.V. and Radio Written by Randy Cooney   During Phoenix metro’s busiest two weeks in history with the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction,the Pro Bowl, Phoenix Open Golf Tournament and of course the SUPER BOWL, I decided to look into some of… Read more


Industry News

By Judy Lowe, Commissioner     With a new year ahead, the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) reviewed the many accomplishments of the last five years and successfully implemented changes. We would like to share the “ADRE CY2014 Accomplishments” that were reported to Governor Doug Ducey. EDUCATION Oversaw the delivery of approximately 700 education… Read more

An Interview with Mike Fox, CEO of Scottsdale Museum of the West


Article Written By: Tricia Covert   There are many Valley attractions the real estate community can highlight for visitors and residents that bring out the advantages of living in our beautiful city – the culture scene has become one of those attractions. With our Scottsdale campus situated in the Old Town Art District, I have… Read more

The Arizona Entity Restructuring Act: New Law To Increase Efficiency and Lower Cost For Arizona Businesses

Laying Down the Law

By Christopher J. Charles, Esq. & special guest Andy G. Anderson, Esq.   Many prudent real estate professionals form a business entity such as an LLC or PLLC for their business.  On January 1, 2015, Arizona introduced a more business-friendly legal framework for entity restructuring transactions. Thanks to this new law, these transactions will be… Read more

Foreign Owners Selling U.S. Real Estate – Withholding Tax Provisions You Need to Know

Special Interest

By Douglas Kingston   Sales of U.S. real estate owned by foreigners creates special tax considerations. U.S. or foreign buyers who purchase from foreign sellers should take note of tax documents that are applicable for these types of real estate transactions. Among the documents relevant to virtually every U.S. real estate transaction is a certification… Read more

2015 Real Estate Industry Changes

Market Update

By Jim Sexton   The Arizona REALTOR® leadership team attended the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Conference and Expo in New Orleans in November 2014. Arizona was well represented at the Conference with 51 Arizona REALTORS® serving as NAR Directors or Committee members totaling 70 appointments overall. As we navigate through the first quarter of… Read more

Insights to Home Inspection

Special Interest

By Sharon Wolf-Furman & Paul Furman   With the new year underway, we continue to see many positive changes in our real estate industry. These positive changes also hold true in the home and termite inspection field. Occurances that took place in 2014, has set some standards as we navigate through 2015. With the foreclosure… Read more

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