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Length of Marriage Varies for SS Benefits

Special Interest

By Jeff Young   I am often asked how long one must be married (or have been married) to receive Social Security benefits. The answer, as is common in Social Security claiming matters, is: “It depends.” It depends upon whether those benefits are spousal benefits; as a wife or husband, widow or widower for survivor… Read more

“Please Release Me, Net Me Dough …”

The Legal Advisor

By Frank L. Murray   The Problem You might be involved in any one of a number of activities in your daily life – maybe you are attending a concert and you notice a lot of cramped tiny writing on the back of your ticket; perhaps laser tag, refinancing your house, going horseback riding, renting… Read more

What’s All the Hype About Green?

Special Interest

By Jan Green   Why is it important for agents to know anything about “green” features?  To begin; The National Association of REALTORS conducted a survey and found that nearly all consumers are concerned about their energy bills.   What does this mean to you and I as a real estate professional? If consumers are focused… Read more

Arizona Court of Appeals Confirms that Arizona’s Anti-Deficiency Statutes Don’t Apply to Vacant Land

Laying Down the Law

By Christopher J. Charles, Esq.   Confusion has plagued the courts since the M&I Bank v. Mueller[1] decision over whether the anti-deficiency statutes apply to vacant land. Thankfully, the Court of Appeals recently brought clarity to that confusion with the BMO Harris v. Wildwood[2] decision. Prior to Mueller, everyone understood that Arizona’s anti-deficiency statutes were… Read more

Disclosing About Disclosure

General Real Estate

By Judy Houston   Real Estate requires complete focus on DISCLOUSRE — from beginning to end of each transaction. Recently, a judge from Phoenix Superior Court attended three of my Disclosure classes. After the third class, the judge told me he was in awe of what an agent must know in the way of Disclosure… Read more

Lease Considerations for Franchised Businesses

Special Interest

By Renee B. Gerstman &   Susan E. Wells   Franchised businesses pose unique leasing issues that the broker or agent should be aware of at the outset of representation. The primary difference is that in franchise context, you will need to satisfy your client, the franchisee, as well as the franchisor. To accomplish this,… Read more

A Candy Dish Deal

Publisher's Letter

By P.R. “Randy” Cooney Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business   In memory of a sweet real estate transaction, I am writing this article on Valentine’s Day, 2014. The story takes place twenty seven years ago within my very first brokerage which is upstairs in a business complex on the NE corner of… Read more

Faye’s Fact or Fiction

General Real Estate

By M. Faye Humphrey   Will you say Fact or Fiction to the following common real estate beliefs about residential renting/leasing? 1. As the Tenant, I can have anyone I wish move in and live with me, as long as I pay the rent. 2. As a Tenant, I cannot be held responsible for the… Read more

New Court Ruling Marks Departure on Equitable Subrogation

The Legal Advisor

By Thomas A. Stoops   In the recent case of The Weitz Company, L.L.C. v. Nicholas Heth, 674 Ariz. Adv. Rep. 29, the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One, has made a significant ruling on the issue of whether the Arizona statutory provision governing the priority of mechanic’s liens permits the court to shift lien… Read more

QUESTION: Can I Keep the $500,000 I found in the walls of the house?

General Real Estate

By Michael R. King   ANSWER: Probably not, but it depends upon the nature of the found property. Even better than winning the lottery, everyone’s dream is finding a fortune hidden somewhere. Nobody else needs to know, and you may not even pay taxes! (You actually need to pay taxes because it would be income,… Read more

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