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Are You a Trusted Advisor?

Special Interest

By Steve Chader Author of National Best Selling Book “HOLD: How to Find, Buy & Rent Houses for Wealth”   Oftentimes, as agents, we get caught up in closing the deal – so much so, that we can lose sight of the bigger picture. We have the opportunity to provide much more than just shelter… Read more

Mortgage Debt Relief Act Expires

Laying Down the Law

By Christopher J. Charles, Esq.   Perhaps a sign of the real estate recovery, six years after the market crash, the 2007 Mortgage Debt Relief Act (the “Act”) has finally expired. Although the Act had already been extended twice[1], many remained hopeful – including Attorney General Tom Horne and the Attorney Generals from 41 other… Read more

We Each Have an Ownership In Our State’s Most Expensive Real Estate

Publisher's Letter

By P.R. “Randy” Cooney Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business   Growing up in Phoenix, I recall our first home at the base of South Mountain, right off Central Ave. My sisters and I would merely cross the street to enter what would eventually become known as the largest municipally owned park in… Read more

What Can One Do If Social Security Benefits Were Claimed Too Early?

Special Interest

By Jeff Young   When I give presentations on Social Security Claiming Strategies, it is a common occurrence to be asked by someone in the audience, what options are available to them if they claimed social security “too early.” What they probably mean to say is that they realize their financial interests may have been… Read more

Large Jury Verdicts – What Does the Recent Uptick Mean?

The Legal Advisor

By Frank L. Murray     Recently, large jury verdicts appear to many commentators to have experienced an “uptick”.[1] Experienced predominantly in the medical malpractice area, the rise of what experts refer to as “blockbuster verdicts” has been detectable.[2] Dating back to U.S. Department of Justice studies published in the mid-nineties, the underlying statistical matrix… Read more

Asset Protection: Limiting Liability & Lowering Taxes

Special Interest

By Brad Huss, E.A., CFP   One of the unfortunate realities in today’s America is the risk posed to both businesses and individuals by the threat of litigation. The National Center for State Courts estimates that approximately sixteen million civil lawsuits are filed in the United States every year. The Economic Journal reports that Americans… Read more

Protecting Your Assets From Creditors

Special Interest

By William Gibney, Esq.   If you drive a car, own real estate, own a business, have a spouse or business partner, or engage in high-risk activities, there’s a decent chance you will be sued. You could cause an automobile accident. A delivery man could slip and fall on your front porch. You could go… Read more

Disclosing About Disclosure

General Real Estate

By Judy Houston   Real Estate requires complete focus on DISCLOUSRE — from beginning to end of each transaction.  Recently, a judge from Phoenix Superior Court attended three of my Disclosure classes. After the third class, the judge told me he was in awe of what an agent must know in the way of Disclosure… Read more

FOREIGN INVESTORS BEWARE: How REALTORS® Can Help Foreign Investor Clients

Laying Down the Law

By Christopher J. Charles, Esq.   Anytime a foreign investor sells real estate in America, FIRPTA is triggered.  This issue rarely arose in recent history. But due to the high number of Canadian investors who purchased property in Arizona the last few years, FIRPTA will be on Googles’ list for top search terms the next… Read more

New Mortgage Guidelines Give Borrowers Hope Following A Short Sale or Bankruptcy

Laying Down the Law

By Christopher J. Charles, Esq.   Borrowers have struggled for years to find financing following a short sale or foreclosure.  In fact, the general rule is that a borrower must wait anywhere from two to five years after a short sale before qualifying for a new mortgage.  Even worse, borrowers generally must wait five to… Read more

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