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Full-Time Project Coordinator

This position is filled
Date Posted:
January 20, 2015
Job Description:

Arizona School of Real Estate & Business are looking for professional, enthusiastic and dedicated employees to work for our team.


We find people interested in these categories fit best for our positions:

  • A desire to meet new people everyday in a professional setting
  • Understand service based problem-solving for clients/students and providing help
  • Has a sense of pride in making a difference in supporting our students achieve success
  • Prefer working in a team environment
  • A dedicated and positive attitude to add to our business culture
  • The ability to adapt to different situations
  • Has a strong sense of pride and integrity


What We Offer

We offer an excellent health package, vacation time, retirement match after first year of service as well as various bonus and incentives throughout the year.



The Project Coordinator is responsible for managing distinct projects as assigned by the marketing team, the Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business publication advertising and school events. This position works with the Marketing team to ensure deadlines are met and overall goals are executed.

Project Coordination

  • Handle set and ad-hoc projects to meet marketing goals
  • Conduct market research as defined by the department
  • Create contact databases to help the school grow in its reach
  • Assist with the set-up, handouts, ASREB materials and flow of school events
  • Make outbound calls as needed to industry contacts to support projects

Advertising Responsibilities

Sell Advertising Space for Journal

  • Make outbound calls to housing industry companies and other businesses for the purpose of selling ad space in the Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business publication
  • Forward appropriate contract to advertising company and obtain payment information. Forward to Hondros billing contact
  • Maintain current list of advertisers, renewal dates and billing information

Recruit List

  • Take inbound requests through email or phone calls for recruit list participation from brokers (real estate and mortgage)
  • Forward media kit via email to promote participation and provide sign up agreement. Manage follow up accordingly
  • Forward credit card information of new participants to Hondros Accounting contact; develop and forward a quarterly excel spreadsheet of recruit participants to Hondros Accounting contact
  • Reconcile payment with any non-payment participants via email or phone call

Bulletin Board

  • Review email requests for interested advertisers, return phone calls within 24 hours; forward appropriate information (e.g., media kit.) Collect payment information and arrange for drop off of flyers to the Scottsdale campus front desk.
  • Provide Marketing Manager with a weekly report of new advertisers visit all campus locations every 2 weeks to manage board
  • Manage and create billing report in an excel spreadsheet and forward to Hondros Accounting contact the 1st of each month

School Events (Career Expo)

  • Manage Career Expo booth rentals: take phone calls from interested parties, develop broker booth map, email map to brokers and confirm date and time.
  • Sell extra booth space and manage process: collect registration forms and payment information
  • Create handouts and ASREB materials for events
  • Manage reporting: create billing report and forward to Hondros Accounting contact

 Marketing CRM Database

  • Enter Bootcamp student roster 24 hours after class takes place into “Top Producer”
  • Input attendees of special events and courses as defined into “Top Producer”
  • Maintain database as needed
  • Send email invitation for upcoming events to recent graduates (as needed)




  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to pay close attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A team player that is able to collaborate and support other team members for the purpose of meeting tight deadlines and achieving goals
  • Able to interact with all levels of management and employees
  • Demonstrates a willingness to adapt and maintain a positive orientation to change, learn new methodologies, technologies and systems
  • Efficiently utilizes a personal computer and related software including Microsoft Office, InDesign, WordPress and other systems as needed as well as Internet proficiencies
  • Strong work ethic and ability to prioritize and complete all job responsibilities
  • Demonstrates the ability to be a proactive thinker and make recommendations to improve processes, strategies and programs, when applicable.
  • An understanding of the “big picture” and other deadlines established in the Marketing department and adjust work flow to meet personal deadlines while supporting the team.
  • Works independently with minimal supervision while maintaining a high level of quality and productivity
  • Able to perform in a high pressured environment with deadline pressures and strong ability to multi-task
  • Strong persuasion skills for the purpose of selling ad space



  • Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent employment experience



  • A working knowledge of InDesign, WordPress and Microsoft Office
  • Working in a office and/or professional ennvironment


 Physical and Mental Requirements


Physical Requirements: This job requires normal physical mobility, including the ability to sit and stand for extended periods of time, reach with hands and arms, talk and hear.  Normal hand-eye coordination; arm, hand and finger dexterity, including the ability to grasp and lift up to 20 pounds, is also required.

Mental Requirements:  This job requires the ability to read, recall, write and understand information.  This job also requires the ability to work under moderate pressure and to manage multiple tasks concurrently.

Environment: This job is normally performed in a clean, well-lighted, heated and cooled office area/classroom.







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