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The Value of CCIM

Commercial Corner

By David S. Miller CCIM Chapter President   What is CCIM and what is its value in the commercial world? This is a question often asked by those new to… Read more

Residential Real Estate Leads The Way

Commercial Corner

Written by Ari Spiro   The real estate adage, “retail follows rooftops” is a simple way to explain the demand for commercial services when a residential community is established or… Read more

Commercial Design Trends Regional Approach to Materials and Context

Commercial Corner

Written by Erik Peterson   Commercial design over the years has adapted to trends in the industry, be that good or bad. I believe we’re seeing a very positive trend… Read more

Office Space: Road to Recovery

Commercial Corner

By Dennis Desmond   The year 2014 marked one of the first years since the recession in which the term “recovery” was spoken with confidence, and looming doubt hanging over… Read more

2015 Air Conditioning Laws

Commercial Corner

By Michael Farrar   As of January 1, 2015, the use of HCFCs (R-22) is considered illegal in refrigeration, heat pump and air conditioning systems for commercial properties in Arizona…. Read more

Medical Real Estate: Outlook 2015 – The Impact of the Affordable Care Act

Commercial Corner

By Aaron Kuhl   At the time of the historic passage of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA” or Obamacare) in 2010, there was a great amount of discussion among healthcare… Read more

Industrial Sector Update

Commercial Corner

By Bryon R. Carney   The nation’s industrial sector has seen restored confidence in 2014 partially due to a continued increase in employment, the housing market and a rise in… Read more

NW Valley Commercial Market

Commercial Corner

By Michelle Rider   Although we have yet to return to pre-recession activity levels, cities in Phoenix metro are issuing an increasing number of building permits which is a step… Read more

Commercial Health in Phoenix Metro

Commercial Corner

  By Michael  Farrar   The Greater Phoenix office market is on an upswing with vacancies trending lower, rents inching higher and businesses adding more staff.  The market continues to… Read more

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