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Recruiting for Today’s Employment

Local, Special Interest

Max Hansen CEO, Y Scouts, Inc.   If you’re an employer in Phoenix metro with aggressive growth goals, then you better start prioritizing recruitment. A couple years ago employers had their pick when it came to hiring a quality candidate. As the economy has improved, the job climate has changed. Today it’s harder than ever to… Read more

Words from Mark Brnovich Arizona Attorney General

Industry News, Local, Special Interest

Mark Brnovich Arizona Attorney General   As Arizona’s Attorney General, I’m committed to fighting against discrimination, but I also recognize the importance of protecting our real estate community from frivolous lawsuits and unmerited claims. Education is the key to protecting yourself from a housing bias lawsuit. Within my office, the Civil Rights Division enforces civil… Read more

Filing Your 2015 Tax Return

Industry News, Local

Brad Huss Certified Financial Planner, Brad Huss & Associates   It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone – with a new year comes the task of filing your 2015 federal and Arizona tax returns. While 2015 is behind us, you can still take steps to lower your tax liability. TAX EXTENDERS Just as… Read more

Market Summary

Local, Market Update

Michael Orr AZ Journal Columnist Owner, Cromford® Report Director, W.P. Carey School of Business   Phoenix Metro After a strong six months from February 2015 through July 2015, the Greater Phoenix market has lost some momentum between August and November. It is tempting to write this off as seasonal, but it is a little more… Read more

What’s Happening with your Identity?

Local, Special Interest

Robb Arthur Global Investigations & Security   Most of us have read recent articles about the vast amount of personal information being gathered by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and other spy agencies without our consent or knowledge. However, few people realize the extent of the information compiled with our consent. Recently, many questions… Read more

HOAs Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

Legal Forum, Local

Augustus H. Shaw IV Shaw & Lines, LLC   Many of the questions submitted to me regard how a HOA may enforce the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). As such, I have decided to briefly explain how HOAs may enforce their CC&Rs. Enforcement of a HOA’s CC&Rs may be effectuate in two types of actions,… Read more

REITS and Rising Interest Rates

Industry News, Local, Market Update

Paul Ohanian Founder & CEO, Scottsdale Wealth Planning, Inc.   As a seasoned investment professional, I have often looked to real estate to provide asset diversification, lessen general stock market exposure and, where appropriate, generate income in a portfolio. In a past Journal issue, I discussed the characteristics of Real Estate Investment Trusts or “REITs,”… Read more

Property Tax Increases for Arizona Homeowners

Industry News, Local, Market Update

Charles “Hos” Hoskins Maricopa County Treasurer   In 2012, voters passed Proposition 117 hoping to see a property tax reduction; however, it probably won’t work out that way for most homeowners. Before I tell you why, let me cover some of the characteristics of the Arizona property tax system. Properties are classified by use with… Read more

An Interview with Mike Fox, CEO of Scottsdale Museum of the West


Article Written By: Tricia Covert   There are many Valley attractions the real estate community can highlight for visitors and residents that bring out the advantages of living in our beautiful city – the culture scene has become one of those attractions. With our Scottsdale campus situated in the Old Town Art District, I have… Read more

In Memory of Barry Lehane, Designated Broker


Barry “Bear” Lehane, a previous Designated Broker of DPR Realty, passed away on Thursday, July 3rd at the VA Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona at the age of 64. Barry had a long fight against diabetes and kidney disease for more than 15 years. Barry was born in New Haven, Connecticut on October 20, 1949 to… Read more

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