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Misperceptions of Down Payment Assistance Programs (DPA’s)

Special COVID-19 Edition

Dirk Swift Program Director, Home Plus   In the 80’s, my wife and I would likely have been profiled as typical homebuyers. In the area now known as Westgate, we purchased our first home in 1985 for $80,000. It was a brand new, 1450 square foot house, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. At the time,… Read more


Laying Down the Law, Special COVID-19 Edition

Christopher J. Charles Attorney, Provident Law   Why are real estate contracts so long? The initial REALTOR® Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contact was about one page; today, it is ten pages, not including the various addenda and disclosure forms. Excellent contract drafting aims to memorialize the parties’ agreement, including their rights and responsibilities, and tries… Read more

Commercial Leases and Force Majeure

Special COVID-19 Edition

David Allen Partner, Jaburg | Wilk Attorneys at Law   Until recently, many commercial landlords and tenants had never heard of the term “force majeure,” and even if they had, few really understood what it meant. Amongst the countless changes in our lives since the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, is the realization by commercial… Read more

The Magic Pill During a Crisis

Special COVID-19 Edition

Eden Sunshine Vice President, Realty Executives   As I am sitting here writing this article, Covid-19 is literally capturing every headline in the media right now. Know that there are about three weeks between the time I am writing this and the day it is getting published. In my deepest thoughts and prayers, I am… Read more

Market Update: March Residential Results and Early April Results Real Estate Transactions During the Coronavirus Storm

Market Update, Special COVID-19 Edition

Fletcher Wilcox V.P. Business Development & Real Estate Analyst, Grand Canyon Title Agency   COVID-19 Real Estate Related Questions May Real Estate Agents List and Show Properties During COVID-19? Yes. According to the March 23 State of Arizona Executive Order 2020-12 Prohibiting the Closure of Essential Services, the following are listed as essential services: real… Read more

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