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Destination Marketing Drives Arizona’s Economy

Industry News, Market Update, Special Interest

Debbie Johnson Director, Arizona Office of Tourism   The results speak for themselves: marketing Arizona as a vibrant travel and tourism destination drives our state’s economy. It’s the only industry producing revenue in all 15 counties of our state. In 2014, Arizona’s travel and tourism industry generated $20.9 billion in direct visitor spending. The majority of… Read more

Words from Mark Brnovich Arizona Attorney General

Industry News, Local, Special Interest

Mark Brnovich Arizona Attorney General   As Arizona’s Attorney General, I’m committed to fighting against discrimination, but I also recognize the importance of protecting our real estate community from frivolous lawsuits and unmerited claims. Education is the key to protecting yourself from a housing bias lawsuit. Within my office, the Civil Rights Division enforces civil… Read more

Food For A Client Purpose

Special Interest

Diana Brandt Founder, Arizona Foodie   All over the Valley restaurants are popping up and giving us reason to head out of the kitchen and into their dining rooms. This is a small sample of where you can go to meet your clients for a bite, chat up some friends, or simply enjoy a meal. Ocotillo… Read more

The Six Over Sixty

Special Interest

P.R. ‘Randy’ Cooney Arizona School of Real Estate & Business   At our recent Arizona Broker Summit, held here at the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business, I asked a panel of brokers to address what is the “one thing” that is most important in owning, operating and running a real estate company. The… Read more

A 2016 Update: Maricopa County Treasurer

Editoral, Market Update, Special Interest

Tricia Covert Editor, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business   A new year is here which means preparation for the annual tax lien auction scheduled for February 10, 2016 is underway. The auction expects an average of 1,200 people looking to invest in tax lien parcels as a result of delinquent payments from Arizona property… Read more

Is It Important to Understand Tax Liens?

Market Update, Special Interest

Barry Becker Tax Attorney   As we are all aware, virtually all property in the State of Arizona not owned by a government entity or charity is subject to a property tax. Interestingly, many people fail to pay their property taxes on a timely basis. When those taxes are not paid, the County sells the… Read more

What’s Happening with your Identity?

Local, Special Interest

Robb Arthur Global Investigations & Security   Most of us have read recent articles about the vast amount of personal information being gathered by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and other spy agencies without our consent or knowledge. However, few people realize the extent of the information compiled with our consent. Recently, many questions… Read more

Authenticity: The Hidden Brand Advantage

Market Update, Special Interest

Emily Soccorsy Founder/Brand Strategist, EmJoy, Inc.   In the 21st century, the single most important quality of every brand large and small is its authenticity. Why? The purpose of branding is to attract clients and partnerships who believe what you believe, and who understand that your brand is a monument to what you believe. You can… Read more

The Best Hire for a Real Estate Career

Special Interest

P.R. Randy Cooney Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business   A few years ago, I had the opportunity to poll a large number of real estate brokers asking them this: “In your opinion, which occupations could naturally transition into a real estate career with great success?” The brokers provided a variety of answers;… Read more

The Most Telling Tie

Special Interest

P. R. Randy Cooney Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business   This past October, the Arizona School of Real & Business decided to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month by asking students and staff to wear something pink on the last two Fridays of the month. As I was deciding what to wear, I… Read more

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