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Is It Important to Know About Tax Liens?

Special Interest

By: Barry Becker   As we all know, virtually all property in the state of Arizona not owned by a government or charity, is subject to a property tax. Interestingly, many people fail to pay their property taxes on a timely basis. When those property taxes are not paid, the County sells liens to interested… Read more

An Interview With the Maricopa County Treasurer

Special Interest

Charles “Hos” Hoskins, Maricopa County Treasurer Article Written By: Tricia Covert   When we think of an Arizona real estate investor, a specific image may come to mind: someone who purchases land, residential homes, commercial developments and other types of real property. Someone purchasing tax liens typically would not be considered part of that image…. Read more

Strategic Goal Setting in 2015

Special Interest

By Pamela Barker   Avi Dan, recently contributed an article to Forbes on what will be important in 2015 for business planning. It’s a great article that I highly recommend reading.  What struck me was this quote: “Transparency will become the most important tool of marketing. Consumers are going to continue to exert power and… Read more

An Interview with Brian North: An Expert “Fix It and Flip It” Resource

Special Interest

Brian North Article Written By: Tricia Covert   Over the past decade, the popularity of home television shows has skyrocketed. Top-rated shows such as Flip or Flop, Rehab Addict, Property Brothers, Love It or List It and many others keep captive viewers tuned in week after week. Phoenix metro even took part in the trend… Read more

What is a Gift?

Special Interest

By Randy Helfman   The holiday season always seems like the appropriate time to reflect on the “gifts’ we receive in our lives. After almost 20 years of being an instructor at the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business (ASREB), I thought it may be an appropriate time to reflect on the gifts the… Read more

An Interview with a National Best Selling Author

Special Interest

By Tricia Covert   As we approach a new year in 2015, it’s common to reflect back on years past. In the real estate industry, it will be more than six years ago since the height of the recession that created the uproar in the market. It changed people’s lives, causing many professionals to have… Read more

How to Break into the Higher End Market

Special Interest

By Wendy Walker   This seems to be the constant question echoed by nearly every agent who earns a shiny new real estate license, including myself. I can remember sitting in the classroom anxiously awaiting the pearls of wisdom from the legendary luxury agents that I so admired, hoping they would share the secret formula… Read more

An Interview with Arizona’s Number One Luxury Home Agent

Special Interest

By Tricia Covert   There have been recent reports in the media about luxury home sales from both a global and national perspective. According to the reports, sales in this market are rebounding faster overall in comparison to regular home sales. Some major metropolitan areas are seeing double the volume second quarter of this year… Read more

Can I Work and Still Receive Social Security Benefits?

Special Interest

By Jeff Young   I receive on an ongoing question: “Can I work and still collect social security?” The question really should be: “Is there a penalty on social security earnings if my income exceeds a certain threshold?” All social security income taken prior to full retirement age (FRA) is subject to an earnings test. … Read more

“Oh Well” When It Comes To Water Quality

Special Interest

  By Gary Hix   Most REALTORS® in Arizona are familiar with the designation Certified Home Inspector. Used in that connotation, the term certified is typically viewed as a form of licensure supported by the state. Today, the well inspection process does not have a state certification from Arizona and is also excluded from the… Read more

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