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How to Break into the Higher End Market

Special Interest

By Wendy Walker   This seems to be the constant question echoed by nearly every agent who earns a shiny new real estate license, including myself. I can remember sitting in the classroom anxiously awaiting the pearls of wisdom from the legendary luxury agents that I so admired, hoping they would share the secret formula… Read more

An Interview with Arizona’s Number One Luxury Home Agent

Special Interest

By Tricia Covert   There have been recent reports in the media about luxury home sales from both a global and national perspective. According to the reports, sales in this market are rebounding faster overall in comparison to regular home sales. Some major metropolitan areas are seeing double the volume second quarter of this year… Read more

Can I Work and Still Receive Social Security Benefits?

Special Interest

By Jeff Young   I receive on an ongoing question: “Can I work and still collect social security?” The question really should be: “Is there a penalty on social security earnings if my income exceeds a certain threshold?” All social security income taken prior to full retirement age (FRA) is subject to an earnings test. … Read more

“Oh Well” When It Comes To Water Quality

Special Interest

  By Gary Hix   Most REALTORS® in Arizona are familiar with the designation Certified Home Inspector. Used in that connotation, the term certified is typically viewed as a form of licensure supported by the state. Today, the well inspection process does not have a state certification from Arizona and is also excluded from the… Read more

When Early Claiming of Social Security Makes Sense

Special Interest

By Jeff Young   While much has been written and said to encourage people to consider claiming social security at Full Retirement Age (66-67) or even later, the question remains who should collect benefits as early as possible, age 62? There are four scenarios where collecting social security at age 62 may make the most… Read more

Saving Homeowners Money with Home Energy Audits & Home Performance Evaluations

Special Interest

By Daran R. Wastchak   Although “home energy audits” have been around since energy shortages and long lines at the gas station in the 1970’s, the past five to ten years have seen a renewed interest with the dawn of the “green” environmental movement. At the end of the day, regardless of the driver, homeowners… Read more

Length of Marriage Varies for SS Benefits

Special Interest

By Jeff Young   I am often asked how long one must be married (or have been married) to receive Social Security benefits. The answer, as is common in Social Security claiming matters, is: “It depends.” It depends upon whether those benefits are spousal benefits; as a wife or husband, widow or widower for survivor… Read more

What’s All the Hype About Green?

Special Interest

By Jan Green   Why is it important for agents to know anything about “green” features?  To begin; The National Association of REALTORS conducted a survey and found that nearly all consumers are concerned about their energy bills.   What does this mean to you and I as a real estate professional? If consumers are focused… Read more

Lease Considerations for Franchised Businesses

Special Interest

By Renee B. Gerstman &   Susan E. Wells   Franchised businesses pose unique leasing issues that the broker or agent should be aware of at the outset of representation. The primary difference is that in franchise context, you will need to satisfy your client, the franchisee, as well as the franchisor. To accomplish this,… Read more

Are You a Trusted Advisor?

Special Interest

By Steve Chader Author of National Best Selling Book “HOLD: How to Find, Buy & Rent Houses for Wealth”   Oftentimes, as agents, we get caught up in closing the deal – so much so, that we can lose sight of the bigger picture. We have the opportunity to provide much more than just shelter… Read more

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