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Building Your Team


Chris Bianco Weichert Realtors   For many new investors the whole concept of real estate investments can be intimidating, even for the most basic business plan. Building a team of good quality players will give you confidence throughout the investment process. Here is a simplified roster of the 4 team members that will make your… Read more

Build Your Best Team


Sarah Kirsch Richardson Tru Realty   Working as a team in real estate can be highly profitable and a rewarding experience as you help others grow professionally. If you’re at your best working independently, a team environment may not be the right move for you. But if you’re a people-person driven by a desire to… Read more

Will A Team Work In Appraisal?

Appraisal, TEAMS

Beth Sigg Northwest Real Estate Services   The typical appraisal model in business is the lone wolf working in a home office. Or an appraisal company employee working in a busy office but turning out appraisal reports alone. Will the team model work in the appraisal world? Below are a few reasons why teams in… Read more

Career Consideration: Mortgage Loan Officer

Lending, TEAMS

Dean Wegner Guardian Mortgage   There are many career opportunities that exist within the real estate industry outside of a typical real estate agent role. Each job plays a key part in the home buying or selling process and provides valuable support to clients along the way. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment… Read more

Where We’re Going…We Don’t Need Parking Lots


John Tomblin Sofvue.com, OfficeAtlas.com, AirwestDrones.com   Remember the famous line from the 1980’s blockbuster film “Back to the Future” when Dr. Emmett Brown, the mad scientist says “Roads?  Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Now fast forward to 2019.  An amazing transformation is taking shape across the nation.  Major urban areas are consumed with… Read more


Laying Down the Law, TEAMS

Christopher J. Charles, Esq. Provident Law   “Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but an abundant harvest comes through the strength of the ox.” Proverbs 14:4. Put another way, if you don’t do any work, you might have a clean stable, but you won’t have any crops. Applying this principal to business,… Read more

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