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The Difference Between a Flipper and Investor


Alan Langston Founder and Executive Director, Arizona Real Estate Investors Association   The common definition to a fix and flip is buy a property, renovate and sell – ideally in a short timeframe. How do you get to the “next level” of this type of flipping? Simple: stop fixing and flipping property. Fix and flipping… Read more

Fix-N-Flip: A National Perspective


Charles Tassell,  Chief Operating Officer, National Real Estate Investors Association     Fix and Flips have gone mainstream nationwide. In fact, the HGTV crowd has spawned a new wave of weekend warriors. Couples are wading into real estate repair. After all, how hard can it be? Not to be too cynical, but I’m waiting for… Read more

Mortgage Industry Update


Economist, Mortgage Bankers Association   At the start of the second quarter of 2017, the Mortgage Bankers Association’s assessment of where the market is and where it will head is little changed from our outlook at the beginning of the year, with a few key differences that are very relevant to investors looking at the… Read more

Commercial: Top Design Fundamentals to Meet Market Demand in 2017


    Beth Harmon-Vaughan, PH.D., FIIDA, LEED, AP In the highly competitive 2017 real estate market, landlords are positioning new buildings and repositioning existing building stock to meet market demand which is shifting across virtually every space type. Gensler research indicates six top trends that are driving commercial office building design and differentiating properties from… Read more

The Challenger Salesperson


                       By Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon, PH.D. In the unforgettable early months of 2009, as the bottom fell out of the global economy, business-to-business sales leaders around the world faced an epic problem and an even deeper mystery. Customers had vanished overnight. Commerce had… Read more

A Message From Commissioner Judy Lowe


    Commissioner Judy Lowe Arizona Department of Real Estate   When visiting your physician’s office, do you read the credentials hanging on the wall, and comment, “Wow, this M.D. has incredible education and experience, I’m glad I chose him/her?” As a real estate professional, our real estate credentials and experience carry the same impact… Read more

Words from Harry B. Oberg, Mayor of Prescott


  Mayor of Prescott Harry B. Oberg   Prescott is located about 90 miles north of Phoenix, situated a mile in elevation, in the Bradshaw Mountains, next to the Prescott National Forest. Prescott has many outstanding assets, including our outdoor amenities, hundreds of miles of trails, a historic downtown, Old West History, art and culture…. Read more

Statute of Frauds


  David Allen Partner, Jaburg & Wilk   Any real estate broker knows that in order to be legally entitled to be paid a commission, there needs to be an agreement in writing, signed by the owner of the property. The name of the law that requires such a writing is the “Statute of Frauds,”… Read more

Commercial Real Estate: Making The Sale


Ari Spiro, CEO and Founder  ORION Real Estate Investments     Real estate sales is one of the largest and oldest industries and professions in the world.  The “tried and true” has been tested and retested – axioms and adages have been long-developed.  Real estate is a business where the “what to dos” often morph… Read more

What Really Matters?


P.R. ‘Randy’ Cooney President, Success Institute Educator, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business     Given the tragic loss of multiple lives in recent months, America again finds itself asking; “Who and What MATTERS? What MATTERS within America, is that we work together in mutual respect and care for one another in a manner… Read more

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