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August Instructor Highlight of the Month – Dan Smith

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Dan Smith has over 40 years of experience in the home building and home inspection business. His knowledge extends from land development and commercial property acquisitions to redevelopment, identifying construction defects, and building fine homes. Dan has completed more than 16,000 home inspections to date.

As the Owner of REALTY RESCUE LLC, a house management, concierge, and house-check service, Dan and his team offer management services with a personal touch for luxury homeowners throughout the valley. Recent expansion into Rim County and White Mountains has provided even more clients with exceptional service.

Dan is also Owner of INSPECTION TRAINING LLC and REALTY REPORT LLC. Through INSPECTION TRAINING LLC, he has taught Home Inspector Training Courses for licensing home inspectors through the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business for over 15 years. He holds copyrights to multiple inspection programs and preinspection agreements. Dan also provides timely articles and research regarding real estate and construction issues through REALTY REPORT LLC. Submitted articles come from real estate and construction attorneys, real estate experts, pest control experts, mold and mildew experts and construction professionals.

Dan has authored thousands of questions for Compu-Cram online exam prep courses including the National Home Inspector Exam, the National General Contractor Trade Exam, and the Arizona General Contractor Business Exam. He has served as past president of NEST TECHNOLOGIES INC., providing numerous services like home inspection, commercial and residential defect reports, and assisting clients with the State of Arizona Registrar of Contractors complaints, to name a few.

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