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July Instructor Highlight of the Month – Rob Kanyur

When it comes to longevity and professionalism in the mortgage industry, Rob Kanyur is at the top of the list. He made the decision to enter the business in 1999 and has never looked back. With a zest or helping people with their mortgage financing, he has assisted thousands of clients in reaching the American dream of home ownership. He is a 2nd generation native to Arizona and has resided in Scottsdale since 1994.

Rob claims that his “secret to success” in such a highly volatile and challenging arena is to just be honest and transparent with people. “If you are honest with people, it’s refreshing for them and you don’t have to remember what you told them.”

Rob’s goals are simple with his clients: educate them, give them peace of mind, relate with them, make the process painless and seamless AND close their loan on time with NO surprises.

Rob has obtained two very important designations with his company: Military Mortgage Specialist and Certified Reverse Mortgage Planner through Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.

He has been holding continuing education classes for realtors with The Arizona School of Real Estate and Business since 2006. Rob has been an official instructor with the school for the last two years, where he teaches agents accurate information on the more comprehensive and misunderstood reverse mortgage.

In his spare time, Rob enjoys golfing, hiking, fitness training and spending time with his wife of 26 years, their five children and their two yellow labs, Piper and Ollie.

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