Arizona Appraisal Trainee Requirements

Appraiser trainees can appraise those properties which the supervising certified appraiser is permitted by his/her current credential and that the supervising appraiser is qualified to appraise.

1. Complete Required Education

To become a trainee real property appraiser you must complete 75 hours of qualifying education as well as the 4-hour supervisor trainee course. The 15-hour USPAP course must be completed within two years, and any other required hours within 5 years preceding the date that the application is submitted to the department.

Classroom Courses

Online Courses

2. Fingerprint Clearance Card

All students are required to obtain a fingerprint clearance card through the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), as part of the Appraisal licensing process.  Learn more!

3. Submit Application

Submit all the required documentation to apply with the State to become a State Registered Appraisal Trainee.  Read More!

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