Commercial Training Program

Our 9-Hour Commercial Real Estate Training Program will prepare you for the career edge you need.

Topics covered include:

Property Markets and Types

Who is affected by Americans w/Disabilities Act

Listing and Employment Agreement Clauses

Learning the Types of Services

Required building improvements

Writing the Letter of Intent

Managing and Leasing Commercial Property

Identifying Safety issues

Purchase Contract terms and provisions

Common Clauses Used

Broker – Agent Concerns

Remedies for Breach

Escrow Process

Informing the Client

Closing Documents

Market Information Resources

Managing the Property After Closing

FREE CAREER NIGHT in Scottsdale Tuesday, March 13 from 7pm to 8:30pm

Prepare to launch a new career. Attend this event and get valuable information from a panel of experts in real estate, mortgage, home inspection, appraisal and construction. Find out what it takes to be in each field, income levels. working hours and more.

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