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Interactive Exam Prep

Our Interactive Exam Prep Session is designed to lower your frustration level and assist you in areas that you have trouble understanding.

Topics covered:

  • Warranty Deeds and Trust Deeds
  • Titles
  • Encumbrances
  • Foreclosures
  • Agreement for Sale
  • Estate
  • Community Property or Joint Tenancy
  • Agency Relationships
  • Options and Leases
  • Special and General Warranty Deeds

  • Appraisal Methods
  • Liens
  • Easements
  • Mortgage vs. Trust Deeds
  • Carryback
  • Fee Simple vs. Fee Conditional
  • Freehold Estates or Leasehold
  • Offers and Contracts
  • Unilateral vs. Bilateral

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"It has been a pleasure working with everyone as ASREB for the pre-licensure process. While I did work hard and study, everything the program has from a philosophical standpoint prepared me to pass both the school and national/state exams on the first time."

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“The Arizona School of Real Estate & Business has very experienced instructors that make each class interesting and enjoyable. I recently completed the 3 week program, and passed the school test and the state and nation tests the first time. I owe it all to the phenomenal instructors. The continuing education classes offered at the school are something I am looking forward to! Thank you Arizona School of Real Estate & Business!”

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"The Arizona School of Real Estate & Business provided me with all the information I needed to pass my test and start on the path to a new career. Everyone I met was knowledgeable and seasoned professionals and dedicated to my success. Thanks for the great help & support!"

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