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How to become a real estate agent in Arizona

Step 1

Complete Required Education

The 90 hour course requirement consists of 18 classes.  Per the Arizona Department of Real Estate, students are limited to completing 2 classes per day.  Click here to view class locations, dates and times.  All coursework must be completed within 6 months from the date of enrollment.

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Step 2

Get a Fingerprint Clearance Card

All students are required to obtain a fingerprint clearance card as part of the Real Estate licensing process.  Learn more

Step 3

Pass the School Exam

We recommend all students attend a Crammer course and utilize the CompuCram Exam Prep system.

Once you feel confident in the material, you need to pass the school exam with a score of 75% or higher.  Click here for more information.

Step 4

Schedule your License Exam

The Arizona Department of Real Estate uses Pearson Vue as their testing provider. Contact Pearson Vue at www.pearsonvue.com to schedule the state and national examination.

Step 5

Complete the Real Estate Introduction to Contract Writing Course

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After passing the school exam and prior to being licensed, the Arizona Department of Real Estate requires each student to attend a 6 hour course in contracts called “Introduction to Contract Writing.” Certification will be given at the end of class. You will need to include this certificate of completion when you apply for your real estate license.

Step 6

Submit Your Application

Apply for your license with the Arizona Department of Real Estate at www.azre.gov.  In order to practice as a real estate agent you will need to select a broker who will hold your license. If you need help finding a broker we have options for you  Attend one of our Career Expos. 

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