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Explore a new visual learning experience through our partner, Sketchy. Through our partnership, experience test prep in a whole new way: Enjoy short, animated videos with engaging storylines, memorable characters, and a little humor to help retain and understand the content you'll likely find on the real estate exam.

Rapid Recall

Sketchy’s unique learning method is proven to help you remember what you learn, improving your performance on exams.

Higher Scores

Not only do 96% of students enjoy higher exam scores with Sketchy, but they also save time and gain a competitive edge over their peers.

Time Saver

Effortlessly fit learning into your busy schedule with Sketchy. Our concise, information-rich lessons save you time and energy, eliminating the need for cumbersome textbooks.


Sketchy and ASREB: Bringing visual learning to Arizona real estate students

Enroll in any of ASREB’s pre-licensing course packages to take advantage of Sketchy’s animated test prep experience.





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