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Arizona Real Estate Vocab Flashcards

The Arizona Real Estate Vocab Flash Cards are an excellent way to master real estate terminology. Key features include the following: Over 1,000 of the most important real estate terms categorized, numbered and defined; the ability to study anytime, anywhere; convenience for students to cram for exams.

Cost: $39.95  

Language of Real Estate

From abandonment to zoning - and over 2,800 terms in between - The Language of Real Estate has every term that real estate professionals need to know. This industry bestseller is a must-have for all students, practitioners and educators, and is also available in both an English and Spanish-abridged pocket guide format for those real estate students on the go.

Cost: $34.00  

Qualifier Plus IIx

The Qualifier Plus III is the ideal tool for real estate investors and agents. Versatile Buyer Pre-Qualifying for Conventional and FHA/VA Loans Various Payment Solutions - P&I, PITI, Total and FHA Payments Cash Flows - IRR, NPV and NFV Complete Amortization, Balloon Payments Combo Loans and Interest-Only Payments With the Qualifier Plus IIIFX you can quickly and accurately respond to your clients questions and solve the "what ifs" of buyer qualifying, mortgage loans and residential real estate investments.

Cost: $49.95  

Sharp 5 Function Calculator

Basic 5 function calculator helps quickly determine sums in a variety of professional, educational, and personal settings. Small pocket size makes it convenient when testing.

Cost: $7.50  


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