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IDW 1024-A 12/06/23 A-LS AM
IDW Comprehensive Teaching Strategies
This course meets the ADRE Host Remote Instructor IDW requirements.

Upon completion of this course students will be able to; Demonstrate a clear understanding of the different adult learning styles and theories coupled with actual life experiences; effectively control distributive elements both in students, inappropriate topics & behaviors as well as tech challenges; teaching in a virtual classroom, advantages, disadvantages, and tools available to make it an exceptional student experience; implement activities, processes, and tools to develop an interactive student-center presentation that results in meaningful long term learning; presenting a professional yet approachable classroom for all learning types from the most advanced to students with special needs. Success is achieved by an improved understanding of strategies, tools, and technology needed to develop and facilitate a positive student-centered atmosphere of learning while having fun.

We 8am-11am Dec 6

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