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RE 3188-A 12/06/22 A-SC PM
Disclosure - Maintenance of Rental Property (3hr Disclosure)
3 Hours Disclosure Attendees will be provided with a guideline for preparing themselves and landlords/sellers for required state and federal disclosures regarding previously distressed properties when dealing with a tenant/buyer while maintaining and/or renovating a property for lease or resale. Outline Topics: - Required Disclosure in a Sale - Anything That Effects the Use of the Property - Anything That May Affect the Sellers Decision to Sell - Anything That May Affect the Buyers Decision to Buy or Tenants to Lease - R4-28-110 - Disclosure Issues - Disclosure of Material Facts
7350 North Dobson Road Suite 120
Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Tu 2:30pm-5:15pm Dec 6

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