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RE 9070-A 04/27/18 NS1 AM
Cybersecurity Protecting the Real Estate Transaction (3hr Legal Issues)
This course will focus on Cybersecurity in the real estate industry & protecting the client. It will cover how increased use of digital technologies exposes client information and data through multiple channels, while at a corporate level, web-based transactions with tenants and vendors, use of cloud services, the growing use of smartphones and social media presence create multiple points of client exposure. It will highlight the ways real estate agents can take better measures towards prevention to eliminate risk to their clients. Also covered are the state and federal cybersecurity laws on how to collect, store, and use information to protect client.
7350 North Dobson Road, Ste 120
Scottsdale, AZ 85256
9a - 1p
Fr 9am-1pm Apr 27

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