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Student Testimonials

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I truly enjoyed my experience and happy to say it was a great experience! The instructors and material presented in the courses were very well prepared and understood. The instructors also encouraged open and though provoking discussions amongst the other students that kept the classes lively and encouraged quicker comprehension of the material presented.

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I definitely picked the right school! ASREB was great! Everyone was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and genuine. They help set you up to succeed. All of the teachers made sure you knew and understood what you were learning. I also really like the flexible schedule(s) and being able to take the classes at their other locations. It was great!

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The instructors at the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business are amazing with their teachings and patient with their students. Their knowledge about the real estate industry was unwavering and impressive. It was not your normal boring classroom environment and because of this I was able to pass the Real Estate School Exam and the State Exam on the first try.

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"I followed the advice of several real estate professionals to enroll at the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business, and I am very, very glad that I did so. Easy to register, easy to adjust the class schedule to fit your schedule, great facilities, top notch instructors - what more could you want?! They gave me what I needed to pass the school exam and the State exam on my very first attempts. Thank you so much for getting me off to a great start!"

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"My experience at The Arizona School of Real Estate and Business was amazing! The instructors were very informative and fun to learn from. The class schedules were flexible which help fit my busy lifestyle. I look forward to continuing my education at the school as my career in real estate progresses!"

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"I am an attorney, and I was very impressed by the breadth and depth of knowledge demonstrated by each of the instructors–each seemed completely conversant in all of the program material, not just the subject matter of the class they happened to be teaching. They also provided recommendations about what subject matter in particular we might expect on the school and state tests, which proved to be very helpful while studying."

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“I have been a licensed Realtor® for 9 years in three different states. What I enjoyed most about the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business was the flexibility and online scheduling options. I thought the class materials were well organized and the study guides provided essential information that helped me pass all of my tests in a short time.”

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“Your students are fantastic! I’m impressed with their professionalism and enthusiasm. They are well prepared, ask relevant questions, and have done their research to find the best broker for them. The Career Expo itself gives our brokerage great exposure to many new and seasoned agents alike and we have seen return on our investment.”

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“I highly recommend ASREB if you are considering Real Estate Appraising as a career. This school has conveniently offered coursework that is required by the state to become a trainee, licensed or certified appraiser. The instructors bring real world knowledge and experience to the classroom setting in which I truly enjoyed. In addition to a fantastic staff I have made many friends along the way!“

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“My decision to pursue a career in real estate was a big one and choosing the right school to start my career was very important. I researched school costs and schedules and the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business was by far the best choice. With the help of the instructors at ASREB I passed my school and state exams in less than 3 weeks!”

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“I searched the internet for schools and one rose to the top - ASREB. They offer flexible scheduling that will allow me to keep my job while completing my course work and licensing. At their Career Night, I met an amazing group of industry professionals who shared their career experiences with us. I’m excited to be starting real estate classes and joining the ASREB family of real estate and business professionals.”

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“The first class sent me straight to my listing to have my seller complete the new HOA document required for 2015 changes. Bill Gray goes out on a limb to give any information, to accurately communicate with your clients, friends & successfully run all parts of your real estate business. Information that could be presented with the audience yawning, is delivered dynamically, fast paced, with the refreshing “Gray” style.”

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“Arizona School of Real Estate and Business was highly recommended to get my Real estate license. I am happy to say I’m glad I followed that advise. The teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful to make sure you not only learn the materials, but understand it. I have already recommended the school to 3 other people interested in getting their license! I look forward to starting my career!”

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“Arizona School of Real Estate and Business came highly recommended to me from industry contacts that went through the program. The 9-day crash course did a phenomenal job of delivering clear, concise information. The instructors were terrific and kept the classes on track to deliver excellent results. The school provided the tools that allowed me to pass both the school and state exams on the first try."

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“Highly Recommend! I truly enjoyed my classes at ASREB and felt like they really prepared me for the State and National tests, but most of all I had fun and loved the content of the classes and the different personalities of the instructors. I attended the weekend class schedule and it worked out great! It was a fantastic experience and I met a lot of great people along the way!”

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"I am blessed with the opportunity to learn the field of Real Estate from a team of dynamic Leaders in the industry. The expertise and culture at this school welcome you into a new career opportunity and lead you week by week to understand all the nuances of real estate transactions along with "best practices" to benefit your future clients!"

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"I highly recommend everyone take the MLO pre-licensing course at the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business. Gary Smith is a master of his craft and is able to phrase his words in a way that every student can understand. "

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"Thank you to the school and the teachers for the great education! As a mother of four living in Arizona basically as a single-parent most the time, I took the six-week course and passed school and state tests both on the first try. I know I chose the right school, thank you again!"

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