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Dirty Deeds are not Dirt Cheap

Fraud is a mean word. It just sounds awful. Legally, fraud in Arizona has nine elements

You Might Think Deed Fraud is New

Dirty Deeds are not Dirt Cheap

Deed Fraud is a storied and honored tradition here in the state of Arizona. In fact, some of you reading this are probably involved in a deed fraud right now!

Laying Down the Law – Trying to hide the ball Arizona’s fraudulent transfer act

Dirty Deeds are not Dirt Cheap

In Arizona, certain transactions are voidable when they are made to evade creditors.

Laying Down the Law – Who Gets the House in the Divorce

Fair Housing

Employment agreements and the duties of employees during and after employment with regard to trade secret information can be a troublesome issue facing business owners

Fair Housing… Let’s Be Mindful!

Fair Housing

For much of the last year, we all have had a seat in the first car of the current home-selling market rollercoaster ride. Salespersons and brokerages alike have become accustomed to adapting on the fly and staying ahead of the trends including recognizing the opportunities that rentals provide.

Fair or Unfair Housing

Fair Housing

I’m sure you agree we should offer tenant representation, right?  Before you stop laughing, let me add to your amusement:

Greater Phoenix Residential Market

Fair Housing

Unless otherwise mentioned, the following results are for single-family resale homes in Greater Phoenix, by far the most popular product when measured by the number of sales.

Instructor Highlight: Christa Lawcock

Property Management

Christa Lawcock has been in the real estate industry full time for 27 years, and she’s been an instructor for many of those years. But if you talked to her before her time in real estate, she would have told you she’d never get into the industry. 

5 Tips for Property Management Staffing

Property Management

Have you ever noticed that most people that end up in the property management business do not do so intentionally? Almost everyone I have met over the years in this business has said they “fell into” the business.

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