Remembering Barry “Bear” Lehane

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By P.R. “Randy” Cooney
Publisher, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business


Recently, the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business was honored to host the Memorial Service for Barry Lehane. He had been the Designated Broker for DPR Realty and served the real estate industry in many other capacities since 2001. Since Barry, also affectionately named “Bear,” graced our stage many times, it was appropriate to remember him for all his contributions to our industry. I was honored to be asked to preside at the service at the request of Barry’s wife Tricia Lehane.
Having either found or written hundreds of quotes over the years, I went into my library to choose the quotes that most spoke to the life and legacy of Barry “Bear” Lehane.  Below is what was shared to the standing-room-only of those who came to pay their respects to a man they so deeply respected.

To all Real Estate Practitioners Barry would advise:

Wish to leave behind
all the congestion of your competition?
R. Cooney

As a Designated Broker he was and would encourage those who are:

All problems become smaller if you
don’t dodge them but confront them.
Touch the thistle timidly and it pricks you;
grasp it boldly and the spines will crumble.
William F. Haley

As an Educator he would encourage the following:

If you wish to fly higher and further
commit yourself to continuous flight training.
R. Cooney

As a Father he was and would encourage the following of all Fathers

A Father is one who
Walks before – to show you the way.
Walks beside – to support you along your way.
Walks behind – to be sure you make it all the way.
R. Cooney

As a Husband Barry experienced this with his wife Tricia and wishes all husbands the same

Happy is the man who finds a true friend,
and far happier is he who finds
that true friend in his wife.

As a Friend to many he believed

The very best thing one can do for another is to
encourage, challenge, and support them
in achieving something worthwhile.
R. Cooney

And now that Barry is up there instead of here, he would likely share the following reflection:

At the time of our particular sunset
our thing, our accomplishment
won’t really matter a great.
However the manner in which we
have touched others will speak with
vitality of the great gift of life
we have been for one another.
Brother Gregory & R. Cooney

Thank you Barry “Bear” Lehane for
Your gift of life to your family and friends;
You contributions to our industry;
Your service to our country.


 Randy Cooney is the Publisher for The Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business and the President of the Success Institute & a licensed Real Estate Broker. Randy can be reached at 480-946-7576 or at To advertise in Arizona’s largest real Estate publication, go to our website at for a media kit.