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Our History

Founded in 1969, the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business is one of the largest and oldest schools of its kind in the nation. For more than five decades, we’ve provided quality education for Arizona students hoping to start, continue, or advance their real estate careers. 

As a member of the Colibri Real Estate family, we place a continued focus on providing an unmatched learning experience for Arizona’s real estate students. We do this especially through our dedicated customer service team and expert instructors, who arm our students with everything they need to succeed. Our sister school, Hogan School of Real Estate, is also a member of Colibri Real Estate. Together under one umbrella, ASREB and Hogan provide the most comprehensive real estate education program in the state.

How do we do it? Through deep and varied experience in real estate, mortgage, appraisal, and home inspection. Our expert instructors — many of whom still actively practice real estate — provide rich insights based on long-term experience in the industry, locally and across the region. 

One aspect of our education service line that sets ASREB apart, in particular, is our unrivaled exam prep program. Students can be confident in passing their Arizona license exam thanks to various learning platforms, including CompuCram, a leading exam prep system with a pass guarantee. Through programs like these, we’re able to coach students to achieve higher success rates than any other Arizona school. Outside of pre-licensing education, ASREB also offers a robust continuing education program, where licensed professionals can fulfill their state requirements with no hassle or fuss.

In addition to our core offerings, we provide opportunities for students to connect and network with potential employers and brokerages via online and in-person expos, seminars, and career enrichment courses. Finally, to further extend education to our students, we’ve been publishing The Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business since 1985. Over the years, our publication has become nationally recognized as a resource for housing professionals and more.

To learn more about ASREB, our services, and how we can help you grow, call us at (800) 659-8088.

About Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate empowers agents and brokers to start or advance their careers by offering real estate’s most comprehensive, flexible learning solutions. As the leading education company for industry professionals, Colibri has helped millions of individuals pursue and achieve more in their careers. We’ve done this by providing custom education solutions and recruitment resources to thousands of brokerages, schools, and other organizations.

Our education suite includes comprehensive content and curriculum, expert instructors, and robust classroom resources through our family of real estate schools and innovative online learning platform. We also offer the industry’s first widely available livestream learning courses, where students can get a real estate education without ever leaving home.

To support every career stage, Colibri Real Estate and its family of brands deliver learning solutions nationwide, like: education for those just getting started, license renewal and maintenance, advanced specialty certifications, and brokerage expansion.

Colibri Real Estate is part of the Colibri Group, an education company comprised of elite brands that provide learning solutions to licensed professionals.

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