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Our History

The Arizona School of Real Estate & Business is one of the largest and oldest schools of its kind in the nation.

The Arizona School of Real Estate & Business was founded in 1969. We are proud to be one of the largest schools of its kind in the nation and also one of the oldest real estate schools established in Arizona. We have consistently provided quality education for thousands of professionals in the housing industry for more than 4 decades.

Bill Gray purchased the school  in 1985 and built up a large portion of the real estate community in the Phoenix metro area by offering a high level of quality and value-added courses. The school evolved from a basic real estate school to becoming one of the first real estate institutions in Arizona to expand its education for the entire housing industry and related business sectors including mortgage, appraisal, construction, home inspection, contractors, legal.

The increase in population and the growing interest from Arizona residents in real estate, created the need for more space to accommodate what started as hundreds of students each year to thousands of students. After several smaller locations, our current campus in Scottsdale was built from the ground up specifically for the purpose of adult education, with traditional school features such as a class bell ringing on the hour to lounge areas and multiple classrooms. Further expansion also took place with courses offered at our other locations in Gilbert, Prescott, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise and more in the coming years.

To further extend education to our students and Arizona real estate professionals, our school established The Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business publication in 1985. Since then, our publication has become nationally recognized as a resource for housing professionals and many other business industries.

Today, we offer a well-rounded educational experience that is truly unique in Arizona. From our quality education from our seasoned Instructors and multitude of courses to networking opportunities, seminars and career enrichment courses we are confident that our students are prepared to reach their full potential to be successful professionals when they attend our school.

Arizona School of Real Estate and Business is part of Hondros Education Group

About Hondros Education Group

Hondros Education Group is one of the premiere real estate, appraisal, mortgage, insurance and home inspection education providers in the nation. We offer online and live courses, comprehensive exam prep solutions, textbooks, webinars, instructor materials, technical support and so much more for students and partner companies alike. Building on over 50 years of experience and educating over 1 million students, we are acutely aware of the educational challenges in the industries we serve. We embrace those challenges and offer a flexible approach with customized solutions and support that makes both our students’ and partners’ jobs easier. It’s that kind of legacy that stands behind every quality Hondros product and service.


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