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Online Articles

Deciphering Adverse Possession

Christopher J. Charles, Esq. and Philip A. Overcash, Esq. Attorneys, Provident Law Legal disputes over property can take various forms. In most cases in which such disputes arise, especially with a neighbor, the owner may be fully aware of a dispute and can take action to resolve the problem before the owner’s property rights are… Read more

Market Summary

Michael Orr Founder & Owner, The Cromford® Report This chart shows that we have substantially fewer active listings than last year and fewer than at the start of 2017. The annual sales rate has been increasing over the last two years, though the rate of increase has started to slow over the last couple of… Read more

Arizona’s Mortgage Industry

Mark Murphy Licensing Manager, Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (AZDFI) The Mortgage Lending Division of the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (AZDFI) currently regulates 397 Mortgage Brokers, 69 Commercial Mortgage Brokers, 460 Mortgage Bankers, 21 Commercial Mortgage Bankers and 16,284 Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) who hold an Arizona license. In the last two years, new… Read more

Phoenix Metro Luxury Market

Sandra Baldwin Partner, Launch Real Estate Our Valley of the Sun has a wide variety of homes and our luxury market has shown a pattern that repeats itself – at the same time producing circumstances within the economic growth, or lack thereof, in the overall national and even international markets. What follows is a peek… Read more

A Message From Glenn Hammer, CEO & President of Arizona Chamber of Commerce

Glenn Hamer CEO & President, Arizona Chamber of Commerce Having shaken off the deep chill of the Great Recession by emerging economically more diversified, more attractive to job creators, and better positioned to win the jobs of tomorrow, Arizona’s most illuminating economic indicator might just be the number of inbound U-Hauls. The rebound is astonishing… Read more

Words from the Mayor of Carefree

Les Peterson Mayor of Carefree, Arizona Carefree is rapidly becoming the social and cultural hub of the vibrant NE Valley. With a walkable downtown area focused around the picturesque Carefree Desert Garden, vibrant new businesses are opening and existing businesses provide an outstanding complement to the wide assortment of native plants in the Garden and… Read more

Historic Luxury

Andy Griffin Co-founder, The District PHX Could luxurious living be defined by the quiet neighborhood walk of the dog, glass of wine in hand? Can it be the window view of a 1920’s brick and mortar tudor or historically modern bungalow? Maybe modern luxury is watching the classic Ralph Haver home across the street journey… Read more

Publisher’s Letter

Tricia Covert Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business What defines a luxury home — price, square footage, design or the lifestyle it can provide? The answer may be different depending on who you ask. It’s a topic that continues to be reexamined as we look to the largest generations, baby boomers and millennials,… Read more

Market Summary

Market Update

  Michael Orr Founder and Owner, Cromford Report   Below is a ranking table for the 41 cities. The overall market is seeing a strong increase from $80 to almost $144 per sq. ft. This shows home prices below $200,000 and sees them jumping from $57 to $105.     This shows homes priced between… Read more

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