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Be Known for Who You are Before What You Do

Technology/ Social Media

Suzanne Fuqua eXp   There is so much information available for social media marketing. Figuring out where to begin could be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. When becoming a licensed real estate agent or starting a business, your contact information becomes public information. Numerous businesses will reach out claiming they can… Read more

Craigslist Rental Scams

Technology/ Social Media

Chris Bianco Weichert Realtors   It used to be that people would look in the local newspaper to find an apartment or home to rent. Now, the place to go for rentals is the internet and one of the most popular sites is Craigslist. Craigslist is also a preferred place for “scammers and thieves” who… Read more

Advertising Benchmark: Present a True Picture

Legal, Technology/ Social Media

Kristin E. Rosan Partner, Madison & Rosan, LLP Attorneys at Law   Advertising is a necessary form of communication for any agent’s business. Agents advertise their services and they advertise their client’s property. To generate clients, advertising is essential for agents to enhance their image as honest and trustworthy and to inform their potential customers… Read more

Reasons to Connect with Other Appraisers Online

Appraisal, Technology/ Social Media

Beth Sigg Northwest Real Estate Services   Appraisal can be a very solitary profession, with many working for themselves and with little human interaction. While interaction in person can be time-consuming and difficult to schedule, communicating with other appraisers online is convenient and available. It’s the ready solution to the need to share ideas and… Read more

2018 Results — 2019 Predictions The Residential Real Estate Market in Maricopa County

Market Update

Fletcher Wilcox Grand Canyon Title Agency   The total number of residential sales in 2018 was equal to the number of sales in 2017. According to data from The Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Services, Inc. known as ARMLS, sales in Maricopa County in 2018 were 84,001 compared to 84,049 in 2017. When the number of… Read more

5 Common Social Marketing Mistakes Every Listing Agent Should Avoid

Technology/ Social Media

Sarah Kirsch Richardson Tru Realty   Social media has become engrained in our personal and professional lives. It’s where friends and family go to check up on each other, and where consumers go to look for a business’ legitimacy and reviews. There’s no escaping it – social media is one of the best tools to… Read more

Digital Marketing Rules & Authenticity

Technology/ Social Media

Phil Sexton Sibbach Team – eXp Realty   “PBTI” – People Believe The Internet Have you ever heard this phrase before? In today’s day and age, this statement has never been more true. It applies to news stories, celebrity gossip, community events, product reviews, and yes, even your real estate business. It’s through the PBTI… Read more

Market Your Real Estate Business with SMART Advertising

Cathy Predmore Hondros Family of Companies Surviving in the real estate industry requires perseverance and personal connections who will help you grow your network and create business. Thriving in the real estate industry requires a certain level of tenacity and the understanding that smart advertising is one of the keys to success. Every realtor should… Read more

February 2019 – Letter From the Publisher

Publisher's Letter

Nate Hoelzen President, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business  Dear Readers, I hope you all enjoyed a successful first month of 2019. If you’re still studying up from our last issue of the Journal about tax lien auctions held in February, I wish you all the best come auction day. I also encourage you… Read more

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