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Navigating Risk When Managing Property


Kristin E. Rosan Partner, Madison & Rosan, LLP Attorneys at Law   As the economy rebounds from the mortgage loan crisis, the market has seen increasing numbers of residential rentals. With these rentals come a growing need for property managers. Although there is a volume of work in this practice area, it comes with an… Read more

Agents: Can Property Management Become an Income Stream for You?

Appraisal, General Real Estate

Beth Sigg Northwest Real Estate Services   Now that you have your real estate license and are busy with buyers and sellers, you’re inevitably asked to locate rentals for clients, or find tenants for landlords! Should this become part of your toolbelt of services? First, let’s talk about supply and demand. Selling real estate is… Read more

Market Update: Number of Non-Owner Occupied Homes, Rental Rate Compared to Sale Price, Number of Sales by Year Built

Market Update

Fletcher Wilcox Grand Canyon Title Agency   According to Maricopa County records, there are approximately 1,043,844 single family residences. Twenty-six percent, or 271,730, are categorized as non-owner occupied. How does a single-family residence get categorized as non-owner occupied? Arizona Revised Statutes requires that when there is a sale of a property and when that property… Read more

Beyond The Deal: Working with a Client’s Property Management Company

Property Management

Terry Kass Owner | Designated Broker, GPCI Multifamily & Land Development   If there’s one crucial lesson you should learn early as a broker in multifamily brokerage, it’s the importance of maintaining a good, close relationship with clients and with property management companies even after a deal is done. Suffice to say that a transaction… Read more

Close is Not Good Enough When it Comes to Real Estate Commissions

General Real Estate, Legal

David Allen Partner, Jaburg|Wilk Attorneys at Law   One of the most basic real estate laws, which all agents have drilled into them from the time that they first start studying to become an agent, is that all agreements for the payment of real estate commissions must fully comply with the statutory requirements for such… Read more

You Have a Sphere…Now What?

General Real Estate

Jamie Ciocchetti DeLex Realty   When you first start out in Real Estate you were probably told to put together your sphere of influence. Your sphere should include everyone you have any sort of contact with. We list out “all” the people we know “who like us.” We have included past co-workers, friends, family members,… Read more

RFR’s – The Long-Term Benefits to Multi-Family Investors and Owners

Appraisal, General Real Estate

John Tomblin Sofvue.com, OfficeAtlas.com, AirwestDrones.com   One of the most misunderstood and often overlooked conditions of owning a small income property is the Reserves for Replacements (RFR’s), or what is sometimes referred to as “Replacement Reserves.” In commercial real estate transactions, replacement reserves are often mandatory and added to proformas for lending purposes. The purpose… Read more

A Letter from Our New Partner: Teaming Up for Your Success

Industry News

Jim Hogan Hogan School of Real Estate  It’s hard to believe that 45+ years ago I opened Hogan School of Real Estate in Tucson and now we’ve joined forces with the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business (ASREB). Looking back, it’s hard to believe that in my first month I taught only four students… Read more

December 2018 – Letter From the Publisher

Publisher's Letter

Nate Hoelzen President, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business  Dear Readers, On behalf of everyone at Arizona School of Real Estate & Business, season’s greetings to you and your loved ones! It’s hard to believe 2018 is nearly over. I hope it has been a prosperous year for all of you. As the year… Read more

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