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An Oportunistic Mindset

As professionals in the Real Estate industry, we are often asked to predict the future.  We can follow market trends, stats, rates, rumors and reports, however what remains consistent is an awareness of what is reality; buyers need to buy and sellers need to sell.  This is the profession we have chosen, our job doesn’t… Read more

A Unique Approach to 2023

“For we know in part, and we prophesy in part…we see through a glass, darkly.” One of my favorite Epistle’s and one of the most human. Paul was an amazing Apostle, according to the record, if too dogmatic for me. But the one thing I can agree with him about is the above; predicting the… Read more

Addressing the Growth Paradox

Arizona competitiveness policies over the past decade have built a more diversified, prosperous, and resilient economy and led to income growth faster than the national average and better than 41 other states. An intentional focus has been placed by Arizona’s business, legislative, and education leaders, on championing policies that drive investments into high-tech manufacturing and… Read more


Real estate and business deals always carry some risk, even when you know the parties involved and have dealt with them before. Fraudulent misrepresentation can happen at any time in any real estate or business transaction. Essentially, a claim for fraudulent misrepresentation occurs when one party makes certain representations or promises, and you find out… Read more

2024: Focus on What You Can Control

2024 will not come to us with a crystal ball or any guarantees, however what it presents us with is an opportunity to master change. Take a hard look at yourself as a business owner and how you will focus on what you can control and empower yourself to make attitude and effort the things… Read more

Attitude & Mindset

Perhaps the most important topic one cannot teach is mindset. You got that right. As a manager I am sure you think you need to teach your agents’ mindset because you need top notch agents to make your business profitable, and if they are not in the right frame of mind, they will never hit… Read more

A Realtor’s Duty to Refer a Competent Professional

In the past I have stated my concerns about REALTORS® that recommend water well drillers & pump installing contractors to perform well inspections for prospective buyers of homes on private or shared water wells. I have pointed out that well drillers and pump installers are in fact, just that, they are contractors. They are not… Read more

Laying Down The Law – Court Of Appeals Issues Ruling Further Protecting Short-term Rentals

The Arizona Court of Appeals recently issued a decision further protecting short-term rentals in planned communities and condominium associations. In Village of Oak Creek Association v. Bonham, 2023 WL 6444337 (App. 2023), the Arizona Court of Appeals answered the question of “whether CC&Rs can be amended to restrict short-term rentals if the original CC&Rs does… Read more

Water, Water, Everywhere…

“Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.” Coleridge had a point, though it might not be apparent here in the arid southwest. We don’t see water anywhere, when in fact we are flush with wet, but can we drink it? Maybe not yet, but soon thirsty folk will be less particular and there are… Read more

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