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Get Your Arizona Contractor License

At Arizona School of Real Estate and Business we offer the courses to prepare students for the Business Management and Trade examinations.

All contractor license classifications must take the Business Management examination in addition to any required trade specific examination. In addition to the Business Management examination, you may also be required to pass a second test covering the specific trade for which you are applying, and a third examination for solar. To determine if you are required to pass a trade examination and/or solar examination, refer to the License Classification Requirements form RC-L-206B, which can be found on the Arizona Registrar of Contractors Web site at https://roc.az.gov/.


Step 1 : Experience

Four years of verifiable practical and management trade experience: two of which must have been within the last 10 years, specifically in area(s) of license application or its equivalent.

Step 2 : Learn

Take our Trade exam prep course in 16 hours and/or our Business Management exam prep course in 8 hours.

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Step 3: Test

Pass the state exam with a 70% or higher.

Step 4 : Apply

Apply for your license at the Registrar of Contractors – https://roc.az.gov

Step 5: Start your new career!

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