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Arizona Real Estate License Exam Prep

Our goal is to ensure you’re fully prepared to take the Arizona state exam. We begin the process in the classroom as a part of your educational experience. We provide specific courses and study tools as an additional resource for areas where extra help is commonly requested. Our school exam is designed to closely match the Arizona state exam so you can become familiar with the style of questions and pass it the first time. You have our dedication, commitment and support along the way.


Course Registration and Payment are required 48-hours prior to your class start date to guarantee a seat in the course. Any registration taken less than 48-hours, will be subject to availability.

Are you ready? Pass the Exam the first time with CompuCram®.


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Purchase CompuCram and immediately receive access to exciting features that will help you pass the exam including:


  • The choice of a guided study path that walks you through exactly what you need to learn or the freedom to choose your own way.
  • A mobile and tablet friendly design that lets you prepare for your exam on any device.
  • * We highly recommend taking this simulated exam on a desktop to help you best prepare for the experience of taking your state exam. However, you may take this simulated exam on a device with a screen size of 7 inches or larger.
  • The most up-to-date questions available on the market today. Questions are written by local real estate industry experts so you can be assured you are studying the right information!
  • The Readiness IndicatorSM which lets you know when you are ready by tracking your progress with the study vocabulary, practice tests and simulated exams.
  • The only complete Real Estate exam prep system that integrates vocabulary tools, practice testing and comprehensive simulated exams into an “all-in-one” solution.
  • An exclusive pre-assessment that will tell you exactly what real estate categories you need to focus on.
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This is an 8-hour livestream class using practice questions as a springboard for review and test taking techniques with an emphasis on the question structure, testing strategy and vocabulary to assure a positive testing outcome.



The online vocabulary flashcards are for studying the unique vocabulary terms in Real Estate Sales Pre-Licensing Courses. View demo.

*90 day subscription


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The online vocabulary flashcards are for studying the unique vocabulary terms in Real Estate Broker Pre-Licensing Courses. View demo.

*90 day subscription


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The Arizona Real Estate Vocab Flash Cards are an excellent way to master real estate terminology. Key features include the following: 600 of the most important real estate terms categorized, numbered and defined; the ability to study anytime, anywhere; convenience for students to study for exams.



Our livestream classes are designed to revisit procedures, to provide detailed explanation and additional practice for solving various types of math questions.


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To pass your pre-licensing course, get personalized guidance from experienced real estate mentors. No matter your path, everyone can use an edge to meet their goals — especially on a journey as important as yours. It’s never been easier to jumpstart your new career!

  1. Select your tutor from our team of mentors and instructors. Each instructor offers unique expertise and backgrounds, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and learning style.
  2. Choose a one-hour or two-hour time slot to accommodate your busy schedule. For convenience, all sessions are held virtually via Zoom.
  3. Connect with your instructor to revisit course concepts, discuss specific challenges, and set personal goals to ensure success.

“I took my pre-licensing courses from another school, but none of the material prepared me for the actual exam. That was disappointing. I used Rick (an ASREB tutor), because he was available at the times I needed and had Arizona experience and I was able to pass the exam! Thank you,”

– Jessica L.

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