REMODELING – Lessons Learned

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By P.R. “Randy” Cooney
Publisher of the Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business


Recently I took on the challenge of remodeling my 1948 home to prepare for its sale. For those who have undertaken such a project, you may know there are many lessons learned through the remodel process: choosing the counter tops, carpets, cabinets, tile, paint, handles, various fixtures, fans, hardware, lighting and, most importantly, the selection of contractors.

Below are my top ten lessons learned which also includes an additional bonus of a LIFE LESSON.

1. According to your current contractor, every former contractor had “no clue what they were doing.”

2. A bid means a bit of the truth with a guarantee of a lot more truth to come later.

3. To a contractor, tomorrow is referring to an unspecified time in the future.

4. “On-back-order” means better change-your-order.

5. A paint chip has no resemblance to itself once painted on any surface larger than three square feet.

6. A carpet sample is what it looks like prior to installation.

7. Expecting a contractor to clean as they “go” would be like expecting a baby to change their own diaper and clean up after they “go.”

8. There is a reason the word contractor contains the word contract – take the time to draw up a contract.

9. The carpenter’s creed “measure twice and cut once” is terrific advice.

10. Be forewarned that at some point the stress and mess of it all will magnify your worst personality traits.

As with most major projects, once completed, there is a LIFE LESSON: In construction, as in life, one has to be willing to tear down, rip-up, remove, undo and then redo in order to construct something worthwhile.

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