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Due to Covid-19, the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) has temporarily allowed at home testing through an approved proctor service for the school exams. Our on-site testing has been suspended until the risk of infection has diminished.

Schedule Your School Exam

Once you have completed all 18 sessions of the Real Estate Licensing Program, you are eligible to take the School Exam. We have designed our School Exam to mimic the State Exam as much as possible, to better prepare you to pass your State Exam the first time. You must pass your School and State exams with a score of at least 75%. While the exam is challenging for some, Arizona School of Real Estate has the highest pass rates in the state!

We recommend that you take the School Exam as soon as possible after you complete the 18 sessions while the material is still fresh in your mind. Log in to your student account to schedule your exam through ProctorU® (our chosen third-party testing service).

ProctorU® Scheduling and Fees

The cost of Proctored School Exam is included in our package pricing for exams scheduled at least 72 hours out from the time of registration. You will only be asked to pay a convenience fee should you schedule an exam that is sooner than 72 hours.

You will have three chances to take and pass the proctored online test with our third-party partner ProctorU®. If you do not pass on the 3rd attempt, your student account will be locked out of taking the test again until you have completed one of our Virtual Instructor Q&A Sessions. Effective 1/4/21

Download Step-by-Step Instructions


Things To Know Before Taking Your Exam

  • A webcam is required as you will be monitored by a proctor during the entire school exam
  • Time limit 3.5 hours, 180 questions
    • You may not use a Chromebook Laptop to take your exam. View exam equipment requirements here
  • Items allowed during the exam:
    • 4 function calculator or Financial calculator
    • 2 sheets of blank paper
  • Items not allowed during the exam:
    • No personal items
    • No outside materials, books, or websites

ProctorU® Test Walkthrough

ProctorU® Links

How to get started with ProctorU®

Exam Day: What to Expect

What do I need to have for my exam?

What am I allowed and not allowed to do during my exam?

How do I test my equipment?


Rescheduling / retaking school exam

You may schedule to re-test through ProctorU® following the same instructions as your initial exam. Remember if testing sooner than 72 hours you will be subject to a convenience fee. Please note that you must cancel your exam within 24 hours to avoid being charged.

You can access your Exam Statistics in your student account under your pre license class information page in the Documents section.

I’ve passed my school exam now what?

Once you pass with a score of 75% or greater, you will receive a Certificate of Completion within 24 hours from signing the Proctor Certification in your student account. Keep this certificate in a safe place, as you will need it when you take your State Exam.

What you’ll receive:
• Instructions for scheduling state exam through Pearson Vue
• Certificate of completion
• Disclosure documents (must be turned in with your real estate application)
Brokers: Broker candidate experience verification form Li226 (bring completed form to your state exam)

Need more information about what to expect at the state exam?

Pearson Vue Candidate Handbook


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