Mortgage Loan Originator Of The Year 2015

Journal Industry Award Recipient

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Paul Volpe
Mortgage Loan Originator
Of The Year 2015


Why did you choose a career as a mortgage loan originator?
The career actually chose me. I was a Pre-Veterinarian major at the University of Arizona (U of A) in 1998. My brother, Jon Volpe, asked me if I would work for him; I realized it was an opportunity and also a way to pay for school! I switched my degree from Pre-Vet to Finance and the rest is history from there. I graduated from the U of A in May 2001 and started “originating” the very next day.

What are your top 3 ingredients for success as it relates to your field?

  1. Integrity: Clients and business associates need to be able to trust you.
  2. Character: Be able to distinguish yourself amongst your colleagues and peers.
  3. Problem Solving: Every transaction and client has a different need. Not one transaction you deal with will be the same as the next one. With all the recent changes in our industry over the last few years, our business is more difficult than ever. Being able to react to the changes and see any problems that arise upfront is key in our industry to ensure a smooth closing for all parties.

What is your philosophy on community service and your favorite local cause – and why?
Community service is a part of success. We are huge supporters of the Boys & Girls Club in addition to several other organizations and schools in the community. People notice your contributions – what good is success if you cannot share it with others?

In what ways would you suggest someone give back to the mortgage industry?
Get involved in something you believe in. Whether it’s a school you attended or an organization that helped you or your family in the past. Donating your time or money makes a big difference in the lives of others.

What is your most memorable Arizona news story/headline and why?
Anytime I get to read U of A beats ASU, it warms my heart.
Bear Down!


Paul Volpe is the Senior Vice President of NOVA Home Loans, Volpe Team. Paul has consistently been the #1 Loan Officer in Arizona for the past 7 years. Paul can be reached at 520-618-5626 or by email at