Why A Team?

Mark Greene b&w

Written by Mark Greene
Mortgage Loan Originator


A team can leverage the collective time and experience of its members, to more effectively deliver a full suite of services for buyers and sellers.  “When you go to the doctor, someone takes your vital signs, someone else may do the ‘why are you here?’ interview and then the doctor diagnoses and treats you,” With Buyer Specialists, Listing (or seller) Specialists and of course the “Rainmaker,” teams may be able to offer a broader level of service and expertise than an individual agent.

Consumers can benefit from the diversity of individual realtor team members experience in different geographic areas and technical savvy.  The meteoric rise of social media has had a significant impact on traditional real estate marketing and some agents are better at it than others, a team can share each other’s strengths and fortify each other’s weaknesses.

Sue Lovit and Dana Farber Schwern, a partner team at Rhodes, Van Note & Company in Upper Montclair, New Jersey echo the team advantages; “If one of us is with a client or on vacation, the other steps in without missing a beat, most buyers looking in New Jersey are interested in many towns, and often times, one of us is more familiar with a town than the other.  For a seller it can never hurt to have another person on the case with all the marketing and all the social media campaigns that sellers these days want to be part of. It is great also to have more opinions as far as pricing goes.”

Realtor teams offer access and a collaborative approach to the evaluation process for buyers and sellers, as well as the ability to leverage the experience and expertise of more than one real estate brain.  A team can bring a competitive advantage to a buy or sell transaction by simply having more resources to tap, more people, more ideas, more perspectives.  Every consumer has a personal preference, but if the collaborative process, an all access pass, depth of combined experience and real estate wisdom are on your must have list, a realtor team may be a good fit for you.


Mark Greene is a 25 year veteran of the mortgage industry with a degree in Finance from Villanova, and a unique and varied perspective from the front-end of the mortgage arena. Mark Greene is currently with Home Bridge Financial Services. Mark can be reached at mgreene@homebridge.com or by phone at 201-298-6888.