Market Update

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Bill Gray
Educator, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business


At the present time, the Phoenix Metro area is the eighth most affordable housing market in the United States. First time buyers are now entering the housing market to take advantage of today’s prices. As of mid October, a median price home in the Phoenix Metro area is $208,000. The housing market below $250,000 is very strong; although sales volume has dropped as a result of a low supply of housing in that price range. Below is a list of median prices in neighboring states:

  • San Jose, CA $980,000
  • San Francisco, CA $841,600
  • Anaheim, CA $685,000
  • San Diego, CA $547,000
  • Boulder, CO $442,000
  • Los Angles, CA $435,000
  • Austin, TX $338,000
  • Salt Lake City, UT $234,000
  • Phoenix, AZ $208,000
Bill Gray was the former owner of the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business and originator of the Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business. Bill is also a current member of the Arizona Real Estate Advisory Board.