Arizona Multihousing Legislative Progress

Tom Simplot

Tom Simplot
President & CEO, Arizona Multihousing Association


Fifty years ago, the Arizona Multihousing Association (AMA) was formed after a group of apartment operators joined together to promote and advocate for a fair and competitive housing market.

Today, the mission of the AMA remains the same in protecting the interests of ethical rental housing providers in legislative, regulatory and legal matters throughout Arizona. By providing rental property owners with a level playing field to operate throughout the various municipalities, we can ultimately reduce the cost of housing for working families and make Arizona even more attractive for businesses seeking to relocate into our state.

To that end, the AMA entered the 2016 legislative session with a focus of supporting Governor Doug Ducey’s plan to sponsor legislation aimed at cutting bureaucratic red tape, reducing unnecessary and costly government intrusion.

Specifically, the AMA has joined a broad business coalition to support several key pieces of legislation designed to roll back government overreach. For example, HB2130 is aimed at prohibiting governmental agencies from requiring businesses, homeowners and renters alike from measuring and reporting their energy usage to the agency or risk a penalty. This type of policy is punitive to working families and is a clear example

of a policy that can untimely detract businesses from relocating to Arizona.

The AMA is also supporting the Governor’s education funding proposal, Proposition 123, the plan to pump much needed dollars into K-12 education. The AMA believes that a better educated workforce is key to growing Arizona’s economy and attracting new opportunities into the state. Stay tuned for updates to these legislative matters as we work toward progress.


Tom is the President and CEO of the Arizona Multihousing Association. See below to learn more about AMA. Tom can be contacted by email at





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