One Minute: Can You Make A Positive Business Impression?

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Pat Warren
Corporate Etiquette Consultant, Accelerated Learning


In today’s fast-paced work world, trying to navigate proper etiquette can be tricky. Between relaxed dress codes, the prolific use of technology, blurred boundaries between social and professional courtesies – the way in which we should conduct ourselves has become a conundrum. Strong social etiquette skills and being able to positively present oneself is no longer a luxury, but an expectation in our increasingly competitive society – as well as our demanding workplace.

Do you or your company have a mission statement? Does your personal appearance, attitude and work etiquette reflect the mission statement to your current and potential customers?

You can’t start out on a positive foot if you have to apologize for something you unknowingly have done before you have a chance to build a relationship. In the business world, we come in contact with people of different educational, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Knowing how to treat people largely determines the success or failure of our business.

How do you know if your business etiquette skills are making or breaking your success? We don’t know, what we don’t know, right? For example, did you know that you must never just hand your business card to an Asian business person? You must present it to him/her with both hands thumbs up on the card with a half elbow. An Asian business person would find it offensive if you did it any other way. There are many other examples like this one when dealing with national or international contacts. To stay competitive, attaining the personal skills necessary to separate yourself from others in your industry is essential.

Do you know what your positive attributes are and how your prospects view you? It’s important to work on the continual discovery and honing your positive attributes, while learning the basics of leadership, communication, organization and confidence.

Conducting business in social settings has been a standard for years and continues to increase, such as discussions over lunch or dinner and networking events. Although it may sound basic, proper “table manners” can give you a polished business image that can lead to a successful outcome. At the same time, the nuances of how your posture, appearance and demeanor affect people’s perception of you is unspoken, but immense.

Do you communicate positively and effectively? Do you have good listening skills? Remember, listening is NOT the opposite of not talking! Do you understand the rules of proper introductions nationally and internationally?

We all face the same challenges, whether its’ balancing our career with our personal & family time or finding the time to give back to our community. The important thing to remember is studies show you have less than a minute to make a lasting first impression on those you interact with regardless of the forum. Learning the skills necessary to make your first impression a good one can substantially increase your level of personal and business success. Make your first minute count.



Pat Warren is a 20 year veteran training hospitality and other professionals of the importance of leadership, sales, customer service and public speaking. She is also a keynote speaker on the importance of proper etiquette and professional appearance in the business world. Pat can be contacted at 480-215-4265 or at



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