Fifteen Noteworthy Notes

Randy Cooney 2015 - Oct

P.R. ‘Randy’ Cooney
Arizona School of Real Estate & Business


In the spring of 2009, I received a phone call from Austin, Texas. On other line was the executive assistant for Mr. Gary Keller who is the founder of Keller Williams International Realty. His assistant was extending an invitation for me to attend a mastermind with twenty other CEOs and/or owners. These individuals had real estate offices that achieved the highest productivity and profits in the country for the previous year. As you may imagine, we were very proud of our agents. I immediately said yes to the opportunity to sit at a table with twenty peers to discuss and to share what was contributing to our mutual successes. All of us took notes throughout that memorable day of seven years ago. While recently cleaning my office, I came upon those very notes which are still very applicable to success in business today that follow:


  1. Most things make no real significant difference – so get over it!
  2. Lack of time equals lack of priorities.
  3. Health is the most cherished of all luxuries – make being healthy the highest of priorities.
  4. Good systems will take you there – lack of good systems will keep you from getting there.
  5. Learning the short first will help you master the long, while learning the long first will not help master the short. So do the little things first that earn you the right to attempt the big things.
  6. A business is when other people are doing most of it. A job is when you are doing most of it.
  7. A real estate agent is only three hires away from becoming a Millionaire.
  8. Be purposeful in your practice and training – don’t just hit a thousand golf balls. Hit a thousand balls using only your nine iron and aiming to hit the flag each time.
  9. Not everyone will; however, everyone can.
  10. Make your daily list of to-dos. Delegate half – then start with priority #1 and do NOT go to #2 until #1 is done
  11. Laser beam on what matters.
  12. Think BIG; however, start small.
  13. To have a BIG Life, live a small one – the way to find a Big Life is to MASTER a small life.
  14. The better you get at just ONE THING the more likely you can then experience and have all things.
  15. The best advice you ever got was from your mom who said “I don’t care what you do – just be the best at whatever it is you do.”