What Really Matters?

Randy Cooney 2015 - Oct

P.R. ‘Randy’ Cooney
President, Success Institute
Educator, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business



Given the tragic loss of multiple lives in recent months, America again finds itself asking; “Who and What MATTERS?

What MATTERS within America, is that we work together in mutual respect and care for one another in a manner that fosters and facilitates lives that make a positive difference within our families, community and country. The vast majority of police officers do exactly this. The vast majority of our citizens do exactly the same. The challenge is there are a few select individuals in both groups, that all of the above does not really MATTER. We need to let them know, in a unified voice, that they can no longer take MATTERS into their own hands.

We all MATTER way too much to be kneeling, in anguish, upon a grave of a loved one, because of the actions of a select few. These past months in several American cities, thousands gathered to mourn and cry out to whoever might listen, “Why did the life of my husband, father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, friend, and/or my fellow police officer NOT MATTER”. So across America let’s lower the voices of anger and fingers of blame and instead rise up and reach out to one another and recognize – He MATTERS, She MATTERS, They MATTER, We MATTER, You MATTER.

So in other words what MATTERS is this: Hopefully soon in this country, that such matters of injustice, intolerance and escalation of violence shall be address individually and eradicated collectively for the safety and benefit of ALL Lives. When this MATTERS enough to really MATTER — then and only then, can each of us, encourage all of us, to recognize the sacredness of an individual’s life and that every life truly MATTERS.

In the end, as already said by many, what really MATTERS is the recognition and belief that “All Lives MATTER”. The actualization of this truth, “All Lives MATTER” is a MATTER of greatest urgency, for it is what this country was built upon and now needs to again stand upon to ensure its future of Liberty, Justice and Freedom for All!