Iconic Principles of Enduring Interior Design


Rebecca Ross Carlén
Founder, SORS. Paris – Los Angeles


As an international real estate and design professional focused on the high-end market, I am often asked how to satisfy the high-end client in need of a turn-key housing solution. First, it is important to consider what common desires and expectations all clients in this market want and then the answer becomes clear: luxury.

The high-end market is highly competitive with many choices available for the buyer. As a result, it becomes paramount to deliver a well thought out interior environment that personifies the most pure and fundamental characteristics of luxury. So what is luxury, really? Luxury is comfort. Luxury is the creation of lasting beauty. True luxury is classic; therefore, it is never tied to or bound by a trend. Luxury is about the artisan, him or herself, who takes great pride in the application of time honored techniques and finite details. Above all, luxury is private selection.

Private selection is what makes everything about a new environment that much more enjoyable because it is exclusive and personalized — inherently making it special. For interior designers working with artisans who adapt spaces and create pieces, a tremendous satisfaction is gained for all involved from the recognition of the value of its quality and uniqueness. Indeed, the ability to translate a personal, creative vision into reality and then augment that reality provides the client a means to privately select personal options and bespoke fittings — this is the beating heart of luxury.

When staging a high-end property for sale or developing a turn-key purchase solution for an out of the area client, do not be afraid to escape from the transience of the latest trends and the idea that the same style or feel of the area neighbors should be replicated. Instead, encourage a space designed by a private selection of goods that is personally adapted to the given architecture and whenever relevant, inclusive of the client’s own creative input. This is what the high-end client wants — exclusivity. There are some simple design principles that can guide anyone, anywhere with any budget.

Buyers new to the luxury market have a clean slate and can achieve an elegant, yet varied continuity of style by investing in statement pieces. Brass and velvet are showcased elements in this year’s Paris Design Week — both classic. A hand finished, low center table made in polished, patina or etched brass surrounded by rich wood floors against deep earthen or charcoal toned walls is a classic approach. Complement the look with cotton velvet seating. New buyers can easily begin on the luxury, interiors path by using these types of elements.

Downsizing buyers have an opportunity to pare down to the essentials. Quality is definitely preferred over quantity in holistic space design. These buyers may want to keep treasured, collected pieces while adding new items that can make a statement while creating storage. For example, in limited areas, a formal entry or smaller greeting hall can become the centerpiece of the home. A pedestal display table in cast brass with a light and open design adds luxury and does not overtake the size of a small room. A console placed along a side wall in a rich mahogany wood base finished with hand applied silver or gold gilding also creates a stunning entry while providing hidden storage.

Lastly, sellers in the luxury market can generate buyer enthusiasm and set a property apart from the competition. An investment in bespoke pieces with customized finishes that reflect elements of details of the architecture can achieve a unique look. Rather than investing the same budget into rented home staging pieces, a seller can eliminate the relocating buyer’s need to search for principle elements and make it available as part of the sale of the home. This turn-key strategy also helps market the property.

Creating value and luxury in interior design is an exciting endeavor when satisfying the desire for exclusivity and turn-key solutions. This is easily achieved with the private selection of applied fine-tuned materials that last the test of time. Applying these principles to the high-end real estate market, regardless of space or location, can define a residence as a classic testament to comfort, style and of course — luxury.


Rebecca Ross Carlén is the Founder of SORS. Paris – Los Angeles specializing in international real estate & interior design consultancy and design furniture. Rebecca can be reached by phone at 310-691-5932. www.sorsluxe.com



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