Words from Michael Collins, Mayor of Paradise Valley


Michael Collins
Mayor of Paradise Valley


It’s an exciting time in the Town of Paradise Valley. The Town is in an excellent financial position both short-term and long-term. We are making tremendous investments in public safety while providing exceptional and nationally-recognized capital improvement projects. We have strong leadership at both the council and staff level with an amazing community of volunteers bringing their expertise along with their history of success to Town government.

An improvement project in the works is cell phone service quality and our transportation network. The reconstruction of 56th street between Lincoln and MacDonald has won national awards for its integration of jogging paths, bike ways and pedestrian-friendly amenities. A similar design is underway with a 1.5 mile stretch of Mockingbird Lane between Lincoln and Northern. We are also in the process of preparing a bicycle and pedestrian master plan for the entire community. The master plan is designed to provide safe linkages between our Town destinations and comfortable separation of motorized and non-motorized traffic.

Paradise Valley has three new amazing resort properties coming on line and four others either expanding or upgrading. Understanding what makes Paradise Valley special, while at the same time showing smart progress in resort redevelopment has been important. The Town’s 2012 General Plan was approved by 80 percent of the voters. The Plan laid out a transparent strategy for the smart redevelopment of certain areas within the Town of Paradise Valley. I’m proud to say that the strategy appears successful now with major resort development (the Ritz Carlton Paradise Valley Resort) and resort redevelopment (the Mountain Shadows Golf and Spa Resort and the Andaz Resort) in each Development Area.
So what does this mean to Paradise Valley’s luxury home market?

It means that residents will have even more access to top quality resort, fitness and spa membership opportunities as well as fine dining amenities right in their own neighborhood. Whether for a morning workout, dining occasion, or afternoon drink, you can’t beat the four and five-star quality that Paradise Valley resort properties provide for Town residents — and for the entire Valley.
It means a limited amount of smaller, resort-related residential products will be added to Paradise Valley’s inventory. People seeking these properties are existing residents looking to downsize, but they do not want to give up on quality or location. Second and third home neighbors who see Paradise Valley as the place to live in the Valley will enjoy the upgrades, along with active residents who seek the nearby luxury resort offerings and amenities.

It means that residents who don’t wish to live at a resort property will enjoy our more secluded hillside or flatland one-acre, single family properties that comprise the remaining 85 percent of the Town. Housing values for large lot properties will remain strong and in some instances pulled upwards from pricing and monthly association costs affiliated with the smaller resort-related products. Development and redevelopment challenges that affect our two primary competitors: Silverleaf and Arcadia, are largely absent in Paradise Valley. The popularity of world-class hillside, modern architecture is finding its home in the Town.

And finally it means an excellent outlook for the long-term financial security of the Town without ever needing a local property tax. We’re continuing our tradition of limited government, balanced budgets and excellence in local government services. We’re focusing on quality of life issues and progress that matters to residents.

The Town of Paradise Valley is widely known for luxury, low-density residential properties, open space, mountain views, dark skies, excellent public safety, superb public service, quality schools, places of worship and world-class local resorts. Now you know why the Town is an exciting place to be.