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We are pleased to announce effective February 14, 2017, the Arizona Academy of Real Estate has joined the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business. This decision was based on bringing two educational institutions together with complementary objectives and strategies to deliver increased value to the industry.

Our role as leaders of real estate education brought us to meet over the last several months to discuss the needs of the Arizona industry. We reviewed the overall growth expected in the future and the importance of education. The conclusion of our discussions led to a more streamlined educational system that remains focused on quality and provides more opportunities for everyone involved.

In the weeks ahead, we will be working collaboratively to evaluate our business plan and determine how to further extend our programs to benefit students and professionals. This includes more resources, faculty and curriculum. Members of the Academy staff have already begun working with the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business staff to achieve these goals.

We look forward to serving you and supporting your needs.