The Many Forms of Residential Real Estate Teams


Robin Orscheln, Shawna Warner, Lara Broadrick, Rebecca Clayton
The Team
Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Real Estate


The landscape of residential real estate is changing rapidly due to technology and consumer accessibility. As our market and industry advances and becomes more sophisticated, so does the make up of the real estate sales force. Once a very “I centric” business, sales agents are flocking to form or join Teams with the belief that there is ‘strength in numbers’.

There are many benefits to forming a Team: more time for family, lifestyle changes, collaborative working environment with shared information, just to name a few. With the ever increasing demands of a clientele that wants instantaneous service, a Team can satisfy their immediate needs with the old  ‘divide and conquer’ mentality.  One must keep in mind that although clients love the idea of a Team, they still want one primary contact as their ‘go to’ person of choice. So whether you are on an equal, profit sharing, or a Team with a designated leader, it is very important to know that clients want to know “who their point person is and who to talk to consistently.”

There are several ways to form a Team. There are Teams with one designated leader, husband and wife teams and multi-agent profit sharing team (to name a few). The later being the less predominant in the industry. We chose the profit sharing model to emphasize the collaborative nature of our Team. With our profit sharing business model, our clients truly receive four top producing agents for one. We are able to give a high level of service, work within our individual strengths and share information on upcoming product and inventory. We continue to work on our business model and understand that growth comes in many forms.

Regardless of what type of Team you are looking to form, look to like-minded, collaborative individuals that have the same goals and business orientation in mind. Look for individuals that are highly developed personally because a lack of emotional intelligence can be a real deal breaker when it comes to solving internal affairs.

No matter the type of Team you are looking to form, try to find partners with different skill sets… buyers agents, great listing agents, marketing minds, etc. Administrative skills can be taught, however, true people skills and speed of trust are often innate or developed over time. Everyone should play a role in a Team environment and whether you have a designated leader or an equal or sliding scale partnership Team, the environment should encompass a culture that is about growth and contribution. A good agent often mistakes real estate as being in the business of homes and land — a great agent knows that they are in the people business.

Master people and you will do phenomenal on any Team and your clients will intrinsically know that you are in the game to win for them.

Shawna, Robin, Rebecca and Lara represent the best and brightest in the industry, and always strive to lead the field in research, innovation, and consumer education. Their extensive knowledge and commitment to providing the best and most timely information to clients, has earned them recognition of being top producers and a go-to source for the real estate industry.



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