What’s New with Real Estate Education

John Hondros
Chairman, Hondros Education Group/Arizona School of Real Estate & Business


The year 2017 has been very active and it’s hard to believe that we are now in the final months of it. The real estate market throughout the country has been keeping all of us busy, which is great for our industry and the economy. The growth in the Greater Phoenix area has been exciting to watch, and I know we are headed for more growth in the coming year.
On September 1, 2017, we were pleased to announce that Hondros Education Group acquired Westford College, which is now operating as the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business. Adding Westford College to the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business family allows us to further our ongoing initiatives. Our goal is to bring educational institutions together with complementary objectives and deliver increased value to the Arizona real estate industry.
Westford College is the combined operation of three former real estate schools that have operated successfully in Arizona since 1965. During the month of September, we have integrated Westford’s business into the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business. At the same time, the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business is now offering real estate license courses as of September 19, 2017 at a new location in Surprise at 15003 W. Bell Rd, 85374. The addition of this school location will ensure that we are meeting the educational needs of the West Valley.
This year’s acquisitions of the Arizona Academy of Real Estate and now Westford College, will provide Arizona professionals with streamlined offerings along with even greater career development opportunities. We realize that a focused educational system to support growth now and in the future is essential for your success.
We are continuing to build a strong, local leadership team for the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business. In addition, it is an integral part of our business plan and culture to maintain a continued partnership with the leaders of the schools we acquired this year, as well as with leaders in the overall industry. We have plans for continued growth in the coming months, so bringing together the best of the best will help us build upon our strong, educational foundation. We are a part of an ever-changing real estate market where focus and appropriate strategies are essential to support professionals who work in the industry every day.
Hondros Education Group offers educational solutions nationwide with multiple brands including Arizona School of Real Estate & Business, Hondros College of Business, Hondros Learning, AgentConnect, CompuCram, Learn Mortgage and Blue Ocean Coding. These solutions as well as new developments planned for the future are designed to keep Arizona professionals competitive and relevant.
We look forward to partner with you to serve the communities of Arizona.