Tricia Covert
Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business 


As a lead-in to 2018, the first two Journal issues of the year are dedicated to an important topic: technology. The type of technology is not the latest app or gadget new to the market, but a shift that is proposed to change how business in the real estate industry is conducted today. The primary driver of the shift is consumer and client expectations.

Blockchain technology, cryptocurreny, crowdfunding and online real estate services are surfacing more and more in the industry. There have been reports of betas, pilots and launches, but how real is all of this and will it really penetrate the market? Experts in these technology-based fields indicate it is very real and will dominate the market sooner than later – opinions from others outside of these fields may think otherwise.

The writers in this issue express their opinions on changes they feel are coming to the industry. Furthermore, the The New Real Estate Industry Seminar on February 16 will host experts to discuss this topic in more depth and reveal some important information. An overview of panelists and topics can be viewed on page 19. Save the date.